dogfan 5 years, 8 months ago on Colleagues remember former Hayden officer

What would you refer to him as? He was passing in a no passing zone. There is definitely no way he could of seen anybody coming to know if it was clear to pass. He took the life of a very nice and very respected lady.


dogfan 5 years, 11 months ago on Craig Middle School band teacher Craig Smith dies at 64

Was blessed to have had all three of my kids go through Mr. Smith's class. He was a very nice man and a great teacher. We have lost one of the best teachers in this school district. Our prayers go out to Linda and her family.


dogfan 6 years ago on Craig resident proposes mill levy, foundation to offset school budget cuts

I think justthefacts is just a bunch of hot air. I have asked numerous times why he is not running for some of these offices seeing as how he is such an expert on everything. To this day no response.


dogfan 6 years, 1 month ago on Rick Barnes: Change is needed

Mr Facts, Here you go again typing in your infinite wisdom. Why don't you run for office and put that wisdom to use instead of putting it up here.


dogfan 6 years, 1 month ago on Moffat County School District administrators unveil $2.3 million in proposed cuts

Mr. facts i think you need to get your facts right.

Fact 5: Yes the elementary students are bused to the high school pool. This is done during their regular PE time. It is only done for 2 weeks out of the school year.

Fact 6: It is NOT a supervised free for all. Have you ever been there when it is happening? I have helped with this program for 8yrs. There is alot of people that take the time to help teach the kids how to swim. The only supervised free for all is on the final day when the kids are allowed to play. If it were not for this program alot of kids would never learn how to swim.

  I have asked you here before and did not see any response from you.  Since you are an expert on everything and have all the answers why are you not running for a public office and putting your infinite wisdom to good use instead of typing it here.

dogfan 6 years, 2 months ago on John Kinkaid: ‘Unity of purpose’

I have a question for Mr Facts. If you know so much, which from all the facts you put up on here you must be the smartest man in the world, why don't you run for some of these public offices that come up. You seem to have the answers for our countries problems, why not share that wisdom.


dogfan 6 years, 4 months ago on Moffat County residents testify in favor of Tri-State controls

I believe Mr. Blevins need to sit down and figure out how many people in Moffat County are involved with the coal industry. Shut down ColoWyo, Trapper, Twenty Mile and Tri State and see what happens then. There will be alot of unemployed people in Moffat County. Seems to me that Mrs. Danner represented a very large majority of Moffat County. If all these people lose their jobs we will not need a Walmart in town nor will we need alot of other businesses that these people support.

Mr. Blevins if you don't like it here than maybe you can move to Boulder County sounds like you would fit in there.


dogfan 6 years, 6 months ago on Craig teen dies after one-car wreck

Russell was a great kid that was a friend to everybody. He will be deeply missed by alot of people.