dogfan 3 years, 8 months ago on Moffat County Commission passes fire ban resolution

"One fire miles and miles away spoils it for the rest of us."

What do we have to have a fire here before they issue a ban? Glad to see it happen, if one were to get started here the way the wind has been blowing lately it would cover alot of ground in no time.


dogfan 4 years ago on Moffat County candidates address potential voters at tea party forum

Sage, Maybell and Hamilton are both listed in Wikipedia as unincorporated towns. Just because they are not incorporated does that make them any less important? I don't think so. People of these towns pay their taxes to the county just like people in Craig do. They are a part of Moffat County and should be recognized as such.


dogfan 4 years ago on Guest commentary: Lance Scranton: All in for facility upgrades

2aLegal: I see no reason that you couldn't be a member. If you want to join and support MCHS show up to a meeting.