dawgs4u 5 years ago on Did the Denver Broncos make the right decision by choosing quarterback Peyton Manning over Tim Tebow?

Season prediction: Manning gets hurt this year or in a few, Hannie is a lost cause and Donks are as bad and digging their selves out of a hole just like the last 15 years since Elway retired. Good move Donks, good move!


dawgs4u 5 years ago on MCHS basketball seniors reflect on one last game

Since they are so good, why have they not signed on to a school to play college basketball? It is almost April!!! Are they waiting out for the big phone call that will involve a huge scholarship? Not going to happen in late March girls


dawgs4u 5 years, 1 month ago on End of the road: MCHS basketball team struggles offensively in 45-32 loss in Sweet 16

Well it was a good run for MoCo. Congrats to the girls, but I think the sports teams here in Craig will never be good again. It was a good goal of reaching the Elite 8 but they would not have gone farther, no team will ever beat the '06 dawgs with coach Mort. Keep working hard girls, This team could go down as 2nd or 3rd in Dawg basketball, but not 1st