Rating: 5

daveb Creekside Cafe

Fantastic breakfast spot for families with kids! Cozy hole-in-the wall, with a nice outdoor patio, but we ate inside with the kids. Super-nice staff! Restaurants like this are the best thing about mountain towns.

We came back every morning we were in steamboat, it was a great and homey place to start the day.

My wife and I are vegetarians, and the quality of the produce was top-notch -- this is very important to us. The fruit cup for our son was full of ripe blackberries and strawberries, for example. His eyes bugged out! Just an example of how the fruit and veggies were consistently a cut above the norm.

When we go back to Steamboat, this is the place we will come back to. It was by far the best experience we had there in terms of food quality&service.

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