csualum 6 years, 4 months ago on Publisher's Notebook: A time for leadership

Mathers must first stay awake during meetings and actually work the 40 hours he claimed to in an earlier news article. He 'glad hands' just as much as anyone.


csualum 8 years, 5 months ago on Susan Higgs: Decrease adoption fee at animal shelter

50cal - hope you are proud of the fact that you and the other regulars on the forum have exacted the end of this public discourse (per this weeks editorial). What on earth are you going to do with yourself when you have no private venue to spew your ignorant opinions. I imagine you think you are quite cleve. I think not. I'm with 'pet nazi'...we need more responsible pet owners...not people that turn them loose, as you suggest. What is the matter with people being sensible when it comes to pets, children or other serious responsibilites in life? Do tell! Why don't you have another cocktail, maybe your typing will improve!


csualum 8 years, 6 months ago on Teacher asks for limited alcohol sales

I think it would be appropriate for liquor sales to be limited to adult league nights and weekend tournament events. You could check with the current vendor at Loudy, but I doubt if this would impact their overall profit. This is assuming that adults consuming alcohol during youth events is not prevalent, but limited to a handful.
While it is true that alcohol will contribute to loud & obnoxious behavior, it is not always the cause. Participants and spectators that yell at, and berate umpires, players and coaches are going to do so whether fueled by alcohol or not. I remember witnessing one of our former Sheriff's screaming at a young upmire during a baseball game. He was not drinking. This behavior is accepted in our society. Anyone see LeBron James mother go crazy during an NBA game last week? I appreciate Mr. Yoast's concerns, but this is just another example of the degradation of our society. People are no longer respectful and appreciative of others. People today have a sense of entitlement that permeates everything they do. I don't know where it started, but it isn't good. By all means though, have the commissioner's change the policy at Loudy and see if no alcohol sales equals better behaved adults.


csualum 8 years, 6 months ago on Council approves $20K for rec center studies

Globe - the study is so that no one on the local level has to take respnsibility. We missed the boat when we did not find a job with one of these consulting firms.


csualum 8 years, 7 months ago on Council approves $20K for rec center studies

Thank you Joe Herod for being the lone voice of reason. This money SHOULD be utilized elsewhere and repairs at the pool are just one example. I'm sure there are other city facilities that could stand some repair or upgrade. We have two health and fitness centers, school facilities and like taxslave said...the great outdoors. I don't know who is going to use this facility, but probably not all the young people that play video games four hours a day. If the Parks and Rec Department wants a rec center so badly, they should do the research themselves. They should involve other like interested community members and professionals and put together a plan.
I personally think the community needs an animal shelter. If you've ever been to our local facility you know what an abysmal place it is. This is an issue that is important to me. Try to convince the city of this and they want a proposal, numbers and a plan to pay for it. And who do they want to come up with all this? The animal control officers - presumably on their own time.
There is no consistency here. I bet if the city were approaced about doling out some money to do a feasibility study for an animal shelter, they would laugh (politely of course).