csualum 5 years, 11 months ago on Humane Society offering reduced-cost adoptions in face of rising numbers

for cmawest and anyone else that doesn't get the connection. dogs and cats given away for free are probably not vaccinated, tested for diesease, spayed or neutered. so what does that lead to? more dogs and cats given away for free that are NOT spayed or neutered. what does that lead to? more dogs and cats that are NOT spayed or neutered. what does that lead to? more dogs and cats that are NOT spayed and nuetered. get the picture? there is where the 'glut' comes from! duh, duh, duh. get a clue. adopt DON'T shop. better yet, adopt DON'T take a freebie on a whim! just so you know, my dog is from a rescue. I paid 200 because the work the rescue does doens't happen by magic. it takes money to save animals that other people allow to be born and take no responsibility for. or should we just kill them all. let me know cma.


csualum 6 years, 1 month ago on Tea party to host city election forum

Interesting that JTF is the only one commenting on this article. Is he/she/it the only one that has such a negative 'opinion' of these folks? I honestly don't care what their past shortcoming are or may be according to JTF. The Tea Party has a steep road ahead for sure...but they are NOT made up entirely of grass roots ignorant people. I know a lot of these folks and they truly care - and their past does not matter. They are trying to exact change now. I may be completely off base, but I think the Tea Party will continue to make ground. Recent elections were only a beginning. They learned from the naive assumptions that the system worked for honest people...never again. Knowledge is power and their cause is gaining, so look out JTF and other "vote the party' republicans.


csualum 6 years, 1 month ago on Moffat County School District administrators unveil $2.3 million in proposed cuts

als362 - The wrestling team sells grilled turkey legs at GOWD and they are a big hit; they also have a prime rib fundraiser once a year in the high school cafeteria that is very well attended. The girls basketball team pancake fundraiser is also during GOWD and the ball drop is during Whittle the Wood (I think). There's probably lots more going on that I'm not aware of. Don't know how much they actually raise, but they do invest time in funding these sports.


csualum 6 years, 7 months ago on County assessor candidate now unopposed

I hope he is planning on doing a better job than 'good' and for longer than January. Mediocrity is something to aspire to.


csualum 6 years, 8 months ago on Stoffle: The people’s choice

It is truly a great country we live in. Mrs. Stoffle is permitted to express her opinion in the press. Mr. Razzano is permitted to petition onto the ballot and Barnes, Moe and Riley are permitted to run as write in candidates. See the pattern? We have rights. By the way Mrs. Stoffle, it was the PRIMARY election. The majority of republicans voted. Now, it is the GENERAL election and everyone gets to vote for these candidates - even us democrats. Hopefully the MAJORITY will be educated and informed voters. It is uneducated and uninformed voters that create the messes in government. Vote for a smile or whatever and hope for the best. Friendly and helpful doesn't mean honest.