craiggirl 3 years ago on Kelley Davis: Irresponsible comment

Has everyone lost sight of the text of the 2nd Amendment? It states that people have the right to keep and bear arms. It does not state that people shall be required to bear arms. The absurdity of the "proposed" amendment makes a mockery of the very government these supporters are opposing.


craiggirl 3 years ago on Campbell named general manager of Craig Daily Press

Congratulations, Renee. This is very exciting for the Craig Daily Press and for the Craig and Moffat County Community.


craiggirl 3 years ago on Lois Stoffle: Why I volunteer

Thank you, Lois, for your commitment to TMH and to this community. You are an asset to be treasured.


craiggirl 3 years ago on Craig's Anson a donator, born and bred

Mardi - what a fantastic piece about you. Thank you for all of your contributions to this community. You're a smart, strong, amazing woman, mother and friend. Craig is a better place to live because of people like you.


craiggirl 5 years ago on Bill Snare: Read the fine print

One comment on this entire discussion: the firefighters should NOT be the target of our accusations. If there are questions or problems with this plan, then direct them to the fire board. The firefighers do their jobs and THAT'S IT. Adreneline junkies or not - they are the ones who respond to the calls. We WANT them responding to calls. There are fewer than 30 men and women who commit to this job. So be angry, suspicious, cautious, whatever - but direct iyour comments to those are elected to serve.


craiggirl 5 years, 2 months ago on Moffat County Farm Bureau requesting ag tax exemption

I'm confused - Aren't Tom Gray and Tom Mathers against socialization? Isn't giving one industry a tax break just another form of socialization? What about the subsidies that farmers and ranchers receive? Socialization? Maybe they could clarify this for their constituents.


craiggirl 5 years, 6 months ago on DeRose: A vote for Craig’s future

I feel a few comments by wellwell and greenie52 should be addressed. First, the statement that the City ignored the lodging industry is interesting. Both have claimed to have read information on, so I'm wondering if you missed the Testamonials section where three of our hotels have voiced support for this lodging tax. "The lodging industry" is not, as a whole, opposed to this tax. I'm wondering if the few vocal people who oppose this are feeling terratorial about the current County lodging tax and MCTA. If the City's tax passes, the County will soon see a decline in revenue collected, perhaps eliminating a need for MCTA.

The other issue that should be addressed is that the proposed Event Center is the beginning of a rec center. I find it interesting that just because there is space for a multi-purpose room, that can be gym space, that it's suddenly a rec center. What is the Boys and Girls Club? It's building that has flexible space - BGCG during the day, gym space sometimes, meeting space other times. Are they a rec center? Should we suddenly start looking at their funding?

I agree with Mr. DeRose's letter - we are asking people to vote for this tax to 1) continue to fund tourism marketing at a level GREATER than the current level, while 2) giving tourists (all tourists and not just hunters) additional reasons to come to Craig and space to use here.


craiggirl 5 years, 7 months ago on Statistics indicate visitations increasing at Elkhead State Park

Really...ok, even if you factor in ALL 365 days/year (including all of the -20 degree days) that's still almost 220 people/day. I'm curious where the State Park employees are getting their data. It's hard to fathom.


craiggirl 5 years, 8 months ago on Statistics indicate visitations increasing at Elkhead State Park

I'm glad to hear that the number of visitors is up at Elkhead this year. But over 80,000 visitors? How can that even be possible? The lake is iced over for more than half the year. I'd like to know where the Park Officials are getting the data.