colorado_22 6 years, 10 months ago on Johnson pleads guilty

This whole sitauation is a complete disgrace. To our community, and to law enforcement in general. I mean, what has happened to this country? It is my understanding that police officers exist to make us all feel safe, and protected. The reality of things is that any time we see a cop we all cringe, and feel threatened. Plain and simple police SCARE us, they do not make us feel protected. This is a direct example of why that is. We have a corrupt police force (nationwide) who put on that uniform and think that they are invincible. And why wouldn't they? This situation has directly proven to us that police can do what they want- tamper with evidence, have sexual relations with their "clients," drive around the city of Denver armed and drunk (CSP Bagley), and completely disgrace the community only to recieve a slap on the wrist. Disgusting and pathedic. Is there anybody that still takes the police force seriously anymore? .....anyone at all? Didn't think so.


colorado_22 6 years, 10 months ago on Kaci Doolin: Craig needs mining jobs

Yes, I completely agree. And I was not suggesting that they sell these theings because they do not deserve them, but for other reasons. See, basically my whole family works (or worked) in the oil field. They were all used to making six-figure incomes for years...until the bottom fell out about a year ago. Out of nowhere (basically), this industry crashed, and it devastated our whole family. We had to sell everything; vehicles, toys, homes, we had to drop health insurance, AAA, and everything else that was not an absolute neccessity. Perhaps the most devastating to me, was that we were all so broke I had to drop out of college and move back to Craig to help support my family, and myself. I wish we would have all known it was coming so we could have been more prepared. I feel for these coal industry workers, because it is just simply not fair, nor is it right. I know what they are going through and it is rough. Good luck to you all, we will all make it through this.


colorado_22 6 years, 11 months ago on Kaci Doolin: Craig needs mining jobs

I agree with you, this community thrives off of this industry, and it would truly be a huge destruction to our workforce if this change happens. Coal miners are extremely hard workers, and very loyal to their jobs. Mining is an extremely dangerous industry to be working in, and these workers risk their lives to give us all energy. Yes, these workers make great money, and it will indeed be near impossible for them to find work with comparable pay. However, if the fear of losing your job is largely attributed to the loss of one's lifestyle filled with "toys," it's time to sell the 4-wheelers, snow machines, enormous pick-ups, jet-skis, and other unneccessary materialistic items.