cmawest 3 years, 4 months ago on Dateline NBC takes an interest in Craig for upcoming special

gosh i wonder if they will get tom cruise to play jeff corriveau in the movie ? as i recall it was jeff and bruce johnson who went out there (i could be wrong) losing jeff as a sheriff was a big loss for moffat county. jeff was hell on crime here in the county. too bad we lost him over crappy coverage by news media and a stupid sensless lawsuit. oh well, i hear they fired three grand jct. cops last year for cutting some tents down in a derelict hobo camp. thats what we do in america now. we get rid of our "very best", just to make our "very worse" happy. welcome to the new world order !


cmawest 3 years, 4 months ago on Craig resident opens store specializing in metaphysical healing

odd ? did anyone hear me say odd ? i just didn't want to ruin a good pair of shoes with the bull ----

like i said, if you want diversity go shop at wal mart - if you need healing, have a talk with God, if you want to scam simple minded people, well, never mind, good old capitalizm is fine with me, thats why we went to far away lands and fought wars, to protect your diversity. now, where the heck did i put them boots ??


cmawest 3 years, 4 months ago on Craig resident opens store specializing in metaphysical healing

good greif ! wheres my taller boots ?

diversity ? we have sheep, elk hunting, coal, and cowboys. no one needs more diversity than that - and whats that thing she has tatooed on her forehead ?

you want diversity - go shop at wal mart


cmawest 3 years, 4 months ago on Do you agree with the Craig City Council’s decision to explore building a new police department facility in light of stalled Moffat County Public Safety Center negotiations?

you gotta be kidding ! they sold us into beleiving we needed a 10 million dollar safety center, so we said o.k. ten years later because they can't get along we gotta build another one to make the city happy because the rents too high ? city council, go ahead and build it, but take the money out of your own pockets, don't come to the voters with yet another building project we don't want or need. millions more of our tax dollars ? how much rent could you pay with that money ? how many out of work people could you help ? how much updating to the jail ? how many jobs ?

geeze !


cmawest 3 years, 5 months ago on Northwest Colorado coal production decreasing

craig will never get over its boom/bust mentality. there are, as always, a handfull of people who run everything and think they control everyone. they jump at energy booms because they stand to make a buttload of money from it.

yes, you are correct. craig needs to look for sustainable things to help its economy. there are a ton of retirees that would love to come to craig just for the hunting and fishing. they bring with them good incomes that spend in the stores as well as anyones, but alas, they can't move here because craig has about the most overpriced real estate in the state.

so, craig will just always be craig. the old names in town will control your jobs, people will allow their homes to fall into foreclosure, and like always, in a few years it will have busted to the bottom once again. you will be able to buy a home for $10,000.00 and the cycle will start up again, over and over, and over. oh well, heck, its craig, right ?


cmawest 3 years, 5 months ago on Craig City Council member considers re-working lodging tax

well, i can't imagine china would want it. if we can't straighten it out why would they want it to mess with.

you guys need to connect with the voters, 70% ? thats not getting defeated, thats getting your behind handed to you. people are getting tired of some official with a hair brained idea trying to contol them, thats why you saw what you saw tuesday. the motels think the tax might keep the hunters out, well they are probably right, but then i believe craig has some of the most grossly overpriced motels in the country anyway, i found nicer hotels around disneyland cheaper. Gas 20% higher than anywhere else, groceries higher (thank God for wal mart prices there) and just about anything else the hunters need, higher priced, i will always be surprised hunters come at all.

oh yeah, in defense of craig, i was offered a deal on a new truck from corriveau over at ford, that was about 20% under what the dealer in rifle and grand jct. made, so it don't have to be that way here.

oh well, deaf ears don't hear anything but what they want to hear. maybe our low priced homes will draw new money --HA!