dennis collins

dennis collins 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Bone yard on Moffat County Road 7 used by CPW and others to dump animal carcasses

ALLEN please explain that comment. how is picking up dead deer off the highway and dumping them in a safe place to either be eaten by coyotes, or decompose make them "destroyers of wildlife" just wondering ?


dennis collins 2 months, 4 weeks ago on Our View: Addiction facility is a good idea

well said allen, I am amazed at the attitude of our younger citizens who have this drug fueled need to get high.

is alcohol just as bad ???? well, maybe, but pot don't make it right, that just adds another wrong, and remember what your mommy said ? two wrongs don't make a right.

use all our empty buildings to grow pot ???? well, that much sq. footage would provide enough drugs to keep the entire western united states high.

oh well, I'm just one of them right wing independent bible thumpers, that think we need to go to church, treat folks well, and love our neighbor, but not when they get pie eyed and run over my kid.


dennis collins 4 months, 4 weeks ago on Would you support the school district financially in the form of a mill levy if the state fails to provide financial help this legislative session?

I have to agree with allen.

I for one am getting tired of spending millions of tax dollars to educate our kids and getting kids that can't read their own diploma. I am serious. when I worked for the ford dealership I had a 18 year old kid working for me that couldn't read well enough to take the army entrance exam and was turned down. he arrived to take the test with his diploma from moffat county high school in hand.

seems like every time we approve another mill levy increase all we do is pay teachers and support staff more money. we don't seem to get better educated kids. so you tell me, why is that.

I am certainly not an expert in the field, but I have to tell you, I couldn't have gotten out of grammar school without being able to read, let alone high school.

just my humble opinion


dennis collins 5 months ago on Senior Spotlight: Memories of my hometown

I guess it must be what the weather folks call "global warming" it hasn't been too many years ago that we would lose track of our mailbox. we would plow our drive and the state would plow the road and fill it back up again. remember the 40 below zero temps? I remember one year they were hauling snow out of town in dump trucks.

oh well, we spend our winters as snowbirds now, so when we leave the west coast and come back to craig the trees will be bloomed out and all the snow a memory. gonna be 72 here today, think i'll go get a donut and feed the sea gulls.


dennis collins 5 months, 1 week ago on Suzanne Meyer: Appalled at newspaper

I agree, when my mom died they ran the obituary for several weeks for free.

I think they only charge for long drawn out obituaries. I have seen some that take 2 pages and they still think they need to say more. when mom died a short 2 lines, said it all, she was born did the dash thing and died. everyone who cared about her knew it anyway.

telling everyone In town, every job she ever had and the names of every child, grandchild, great grandchild - etc, etc. and every town every child lives in, well if you need all that I guess its expected you need to pay for all that.

just my humble opinion


dennis collins 5 months, 3 weeks ago on Moffat County Sheriff honors father at swear in ceremony

congratulations K.C. there was never any doubt who would be next. we know your dad very well, he is a good man, i know he is busting with pride right now, even if he can't show it.

I know you will do a bang up job for the folks of moffat county. seems like you have been in law enforcement as long as I can remember, hard to give up, I know, I am leaving Saturday for a reunion in phoenix with cops I worked with 40 years ago. its a real weird occupation we chose. but one that creates "brothers" not fellow employees.

moffat county will be a better place under your guidance, but then you've been here all along, huh ?

thanks for your service !



dennis collins 6 months ago on Carol J. Sloan: A gift for my Lord


thank you for the reminder. Jesus is often left in the background during this season. I often wonder why those that don't believe would put up a tree and celebrate Christmas, something they don't believe in. always remember there are untold millions that believe just the way you do, most don't have the courage to go public. if more did, it would be a much kinder, loving world. I can tell you feel blessed, it takes someone like you to realize that when things are tough.

thanks again for caring enough to share those blessings.


dennis collins 6 months, 1 week ago on Senior Spotlight: Gray days and sad news

oh my, no I didn't mean anything like that, there are just so many instances I was just hoping this wasn't one of them. sorry, I guess it just came out sounding bad. my apologies.