dennis collins

dennis collins 4 months ago on Taylor Fredrickson: County jail defies ACLU

you have got to be kidding ! jumping the border into America is still illegal, you may not like it, but it is. these people are being held because they are "illegal aliens" so what do you mean "cleared of charges"

part of your problem is that you have never had to keep a county jail operating in an environment of bad economy and taxpayers who don't want to agree to anything that would raise their taxes.

how about this, how about we take all the bad guys out of jail and move them into your neighborhood and move all the illegals into your house. then you can do whatever you want.

some people just don't have a clue. people like tim and whoever steps up to take on this unthankful job when tim leaves, are expected to keep your town and county safe, then you go public as some sort of expert, trying to tell them how to do a job you would never have the courage to take yourself.

why not waste your time trying to get the taxpayers to allot more money to running the sheriff dept. instead of finding fault with dedicated public servants, then maybe the sheriff can stop taking things that help feed the inmates and pay the deputies.

geeze ! you wouldn't think you would have to tell grown ups things like this.


dennis collins 4 months ago on Moffat County Jail unaffected by ACLU campaign

right or wrong ? of course you are right, they are taking up space and eating the jails food. ice definitely needs to be paying for that service.


dennis collins 4 months, 1 week ago on Alleged hazing results in no charges against students

o.k. so I never claimed to be the sharpest pencil in the box, but it occurs to me that one cannot be taken to court and convicted until all the evidence is in and the case is finalized, am I accurate ?

so why will the school board get away with firing coaches for something that apparently never happened, before the evidence was in.

I suspect this isn't over. I suspect the schools attorney might better stand by, we might be hearing from a coach.


dennis collins 5 months ago on Jacob Wise, who owns Mary’s Meds, a medical marijuana center in Oak Creek, is pictured in 2010 in fr

if my local walgreens owner looked like an escapee from 1965 I wouldn't buy prescription meds from him. why do these drug dealers all find a need to look like haight ashbury hippies, and then cannot understand why no one takes then seriously. it would seem that only drug users seem to want it legalized -- duh ! well, them and greedy townsfolk who think selling drugs is the way to prosperity.


dennis collins 5 months ago on Grant Mortuary changes hands

owen is as nice a person as they come,no matter how long you stay gone he never forgets your name. my wife and I really like him. go on and retire owen, you have really earned it.

darn it though ! I was looking forward to owen taking care of me ---------oh never mind !


dennis collins 5 months, 1 week ago on Mike Littwin: Making a Fallujah of Ferguson

wow mike ! that's a lot of insight from someone who wasn't there.

with your obvious superior intelligence, why are you not there teaching them lessons in sociology ? I would think the governor would buy your plane ticket just so you could come down and blame the cops for a situation you weren't there to see or judge,

I guess that's what separates us dumb ass cops from you great thinkers.

but then, most cops don't get a week to think about it.


dennis collins 5 months, 2 weeks ago on Mike Littwin: Mr. Attorney General, the gay marriage ship has sailed

well heck, there is a perfectly good reason to kick God to the curb.

there are plenty of adams and eves waiting to adopt those kids too.


dennis collins 5 months, 2 weeks ago on Over a Cup of Coffee: Get ready for fall cooking

yes ! the palisade peaches and the olathe corn is available, but beware, we saw a truck unloading produce at one of the palisade fruit stands from Denver. it would seem this time of year you see peaches that are sold in palisade and grand junction marked "colo peaches" they ARE NOT palisade peaches. you will also see corn sold on the side of the road from pickup trucks advertising as olathe corn - 99% of the time it isn't olathe corn at all, just plain field corn. buying from a reputable fruit stand will net very good stuff. never buy from some guy selling it out of his pickup truck along side the road. make double sure at the fruit and vegi stands that it actually says "olathe corn" and "palisade peaches"


dennis collins 5 months, 3 weeks ago on Mike Littwin: Mr. Attorney General, the gay marriage ship has sailed

the bible says we all have to appear before God one day, I prefer not to try and explain why I supported something he called an abomination, remember God created adam and eve, not adam and steve.

and until adam and steve can create a child, well,---------------------------------