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dennis collins 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Paul James: Opportunity missed daily

o.k. paul I'm going to say this and then stop trying to make a point with a child with zero life experience.

  1. have you ever worked for a non profit ?
  2. have you ever worked in law enforcement.
  3. have you ever sat on any board to help the citizens in your community ?
  4. have you ever served in the military ? have you ever answered a suicide line, worked on a food line for the poor ?
  5. do you even attend a church ?

have you done any of the above, or have you just thought about paul all your short life. have you ever held any other job other than that of a drug dealer ? come back and try to make a point with the voting public when you have paid your dues, and got some experience in life, by the way, graduating class of 1965, moffat county high school, so yes, I am a native too.

we will be praying for you.

good luck


dennis collins 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Paul James: Opportunity missed daily

spoken by a genuine businessman ! I rest my case. if it was all you say it was, the voters of moffat county would have voted for it. so you probably think they are all stupid too, right ?

don't try and sway someone who fought crime for 20 years and seen the damage it causes, or someone who seen the damage it caused in viet nam, and OMG you must be a pit bull owner, you sound just like the lady who owned the pit bull that killed the little 3 year old in Denver. she said they were such sweet dogs unless the owners made them mean. the country has become a really sick place. when one believes in the attributes of dope, but doesn't believe in Jesus Christ, we are doomed. thank God the adults in moffat county don't believe your story. I am a cancer survivor too, it didn't take any marijuana to get me through it, it took God almighty.

paul, I suspect you are in your very early 20's. you have a lot of life to live and experience to get before you try and argue your case with adults.

by the way, how do your folks feel about your business ? I realize not everyone wore dog tags in the 60's.


dennis collins 1 month, 2 weeks ago on 454 businesses drop support for WildEarth Guardians after New Belgium debacle in Craig

. businesses love to get their name on the donor lists because it make them look so politicaly "responsible" some give little token gifts, some just allow the posters in their windows, then suddenly it looks like a major non profit supported by hundreds of businesses. good non profits don't play those games, they are responsible for the welfare of thousands of people, and never try to "big deal" it. good people who donate big in support of good non profits usually do it with the stipulation that the non profit keep it to themselves. if you are doing it from your heart, you don't need your name on a public donor list

something like this happens and, well, does the expression rats leaving a sinking ship mean anything?

you would be surprised to see how many people support a certain non profit and have no idea what the non profit does.


dennis collins 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Paul James: Opportunity missed daily

tammy I agree wholeheartedly, and for once I actually agree with allen.

I am speaking from 20 years of law enforcement experience, you absolutely do not want your economy hooked up with drugs. allen is right, the drain on the system isn't worth it. I have seen literally thousands of really bad things happen due to pot. families crushed, dead kids, families on welfare because they spend every dollar they get on drugs, and folks let there be no misunderstanding here, I have never arrested anyone doing hard drugs that didn't start with pot, they told me so !

and before you start ragging on me about it not being any worse that alcohol, I will say this. it's too bad we can't get rid of both. it's like having a mean pit bull in your neighborhood, every time he attacks a child, do you move yet another one in ?

these letters seem to always come from someone who is making money off the sale of drugs, I think they should just be honest and say, " hey dude, I want to make more money off this junk" I haven't seen a single letter from a cop, fireman, minister, priest, or any legitiment businessman in craig. call it medical if you want, if the medical world agreed it would be controlled and sold at the local pharmacy.


dennis collins 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Craig liquor stores pull New Belgium beer for supporting WildEarth Guardians

why not print the entire supporter list so locals can decide who they do or do not wish to support by buying their product. obviously mr. hischke does not make his living in the coal industry, and has no interest in the future of moffat county, if he did he would be just like everyone else in town and would get behind them.

you live in a coal town sir. why do you go out of your way to irritate the other citizens of craig ? why are you even here ? certainly your interests would be better served on the eastern slope. or in the eastern states, hmmm I wonder if you aren't from the eastern states.


dennis collins 1 month, 4 weeks ago on Future of Swinging Bridge in Moffat County sways

I agree, I'm sure he had insurance on his ranch that would cover the entire repair. if I was to run into mr. hischke's Mercedes, my insurance company would have to pay for it, not the moffat county taxpayers.


dennis collins 1 month, 4 weeks ago on Once upon a time in Craig, America: The Craig Theatre

is the location now the 2cd location ? I took my first date when I was 15 to the west theater it was Linda Gooch and we have remained friends all these years, that was 1962.


dennis collins 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Senior Spotlight: Saying goodbye to my column

we will really miss your column mary jo, and the volunteer world will miss your help. for those that don't know this, mary jo was one of the folks that came to the rescue of the Christian Motorcyclists assn. back when they did the senior food program. she worked hard to see to it they had enough help to do the project. mary jo was one of only 2 people in the country to be named an honorary member of the Christian Motorcyclist assn.

so rest my good friend, the volunteer positions will always be there waiting for you. we love you girl !