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dennis collins 1 month, 1 week ago on Jane Yazzie: Sage grouse concerns

actually they are quite tasty, in my youth I tried to control their growth by eating as many as I could. 50 years later they are still allover the place, so guess I didn't have much effect.

you are correct allen, we are not to give any animal or bird more consideration than we give one another.


dennis collins 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Moffat County hires new social services director

I fail to see how not answering phones is efficient. we pay for these services and when we need something we have to leave a message that may or may not ever be returned. you may think that is efficient for you, but it certainly is not efficient for the people who fund your office and your paychecks, but government has always been about efficiency for them and not for us. we, of course have all the time in the world to sit and wait for a return call (how efficient is that) but in the Obama kingdom it just ain't about us, is it ? maybe we should just start our own "quiet time" and not pay our taxes during our quiet time, hmm what a concept.


dennis collins 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Greg Hamilton: We should spend wisely

so if you buy the bullies an I-pad things will be better? we had bullies too, we didn't quit school over them we took them out behind the school and gave them anti bully lessons. most bullies are cowards kids, don't be afraid of them.


dennis collins 1 month, 2 weeks ago on County, hospital officials weigh concerns about YVMC's growing presence in Craig

hmm, well the clinic certainly doesn't think it will take away from the hospital, and they are probably right, just like wal mart when they all said it wouldn't cause any local closures.

it hasn't has it ?

ya gotta love craig businsses, one pizza place opens up and is making a living, 4 more come along and no one makes a living, kind of an old story, huh ? I guess I don't blame the hospital for being a bit uneasy, but heck, the county can make up the shortfall, and they can always raise rates, that will help. heck maybe even a tax increase on the horizon.

sometimes I crack me up !


dennis collins 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Greg Hamilton: We should spend wisely

so are all there school books loaded on them ? again I have very little experience other than my wife has one and it would seem that you could load every textbook from 1st grade to college on one. that would of course eliminate the need for large heavy back packs and some of the kids might grow up without bad backs.

otherwise they just look like more electronic gizmos. educate me.


dennis collins 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Greg Hamilton: We should spend wisely

this I-pad thing is a subject I'm not up on, except that my wife has one and it holds about a zillion books. but if I wanted my kid to have one "I" would buy them one, and don't these things go by the wayside in a year or so and become obsolete ? then what ? we buy them, give them to the kids who get to keep them I guess cause they are obsolete anyway and next year we have to buy them all over again to stay up to speed ?

I know what my wife's cost, and man what a bill that would be to pay if we bought one for all the kids. I'm an old fart for sure, but I think they already have too many electronic gismos, just watch these poor kids walk through wal mart bouncing off the walls because their nose is buried in a cell phone, or their parents who are sending text messages as they drive, or a couple sitting at dinner sending text messages while their kids sit across the table being ignored. now you want to give them one at school ? then are we going to hear that the budget is stressed because of the astronomical price of apple products ?


dennis collins 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Shrinking funds means less access to local care for veterans

as a disabled vet myself, I have always depended on the hospital in grand junction for my medical services, they have seen me through every medical problem including full blown cancer. they actually billed and received payment from my private insurance carrier for the cancer treatment. the grand junction facility has always been a great hospital.

with the flood of new patients coming out of this war an terrorism, most VA facilities are inundated with new vets. add that to all the vets from WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, etc. and the hospitals are barely large enough to handle them.

now they come up with this choice program. the funding has to come from somewhere and we resist any tax hikes, where in the world can we find it. the present administration has given away about all the money in the treasury in the form of bailouts, etc. so now who bails out the vets ? we were promised heath care when we put on a uniform and headed into war, and until recently it wasn't a problem. the VA is doing its best, we as a country just need a better money manager.

here Is what I have done, both to ease the strain on the system and to assure myself health care. I recently became old enough for Medicare, I added a part F supplement that covers ALL deductibles and co-pays anywhere in the nation for a measly $150.00 a month. I use the VA for yearly physicals and meds. and leave all the heavy work to the local doctors.

we as citizens used to take pretty good care of ourselves until we started wanting the government to do it for us. I suggest to all my brother veterans to do whatever you can to ease the load on the VA system, they are not asking this of us, but I think if we don't try to help, someday we won't have it anymore.

one thing I have discovered. the VA cannot bill Medicare, or Medicaid, some sort of law prohibiting one government agency from billing another. that seems silly to me as the VA would bill vets less than the public hospitals do and it would work out better. I urge Vets to contact their congressmen and ask why this cannot be changed.

as long as we fight wars we will have vets. as long as the flood of new vets keep coming because of wars that just keep going on and on, this will be a problem. hopefully it will change with a new administration.


dennis collins 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Parker King: Let Craig grow

mark, you are correct, I live an hour and a half away ( temporarily). I am a native of Craig, and am in the process of buying another house so I can return.

not that its any of your business. if you knew anything about me you would know how involved in Craig I have been for many years. but it doesn't matter if I lived a million miles away,, it would still be none of your business and I would still have a right to my own opinion.