dennis collins

cmawest 1 year ago on Georgie Hand found guilty on all charges

52 to 160 years in the pen

160 years divided by 2 = 80 years 10 days per month good behavior = 54 years 6 months each for G.E.D., alcohol classes, drug classes = 51 years up for parole in 10 years cooking at your local McDonalds by 2026

been a while since I was there, so my math could be off some


cmawest 1 year ago on Craig man faces severe wounds after Thursday explosion

prayers from this household. also, check with your homeowners insurance. they will likely pay the medical bills, I know mine will. (has) :-)


cmawest 1 year ago on Moffat County commissioners seek funds to repair swinging bridge

the insurance company has a responsibility to put the bridge back in the same condition it was in prior to the tractor falling through it, apparently this is the $68K the insurance company has paid to repair the damage. the insurance company has no responsibility to make the bridge better than it was before the accident.

but !

if I am reading between the lines correctly the county commissioners want the entire bridge rebuilt to higher standards. this is something the insurance company is not responsible for. it's sort of like when someone backs into your 1995 chevy pickup, the insurance company in under no responsibility to buy you a 2005 model pickup.

correct me if I'm wrong, but this is what it sounds like.


cmawest 1 year, 1 month ago on Forest pot growers sentenced to federal prison

and then after prison they are going to be supervised ?? where ?? sounds like they will get to stay here so they can be "supervised" the article said they were illegal aliens !

damn rick, remind me, why did we wear them badges all them years ?


cmawest 1 year, 1 month ago on School districts across the state feel the pull of the negative factor

and yet, millions of dollars lay in the goco account (lottery) waiting to be spent to improve trails for bicycle riders, and new swings in public parks. just because that's the way the intelligent voters of colo. wanted it. its not too late folks, get it on the ballot and free that money up for schools


cmawest 1 year, 2 months ago on Bipartisan effort to return severance taxes to NW Colorado counties flounders

so who needs it ? right ? can't we just sell more dope and make up the shortfall ? I thought the dope was going to save humanity ?

why are we even talking about short budgets for schools etc. we save up zillions of dollars on lottery moneys but refuse to spend it on education, spending it instead on parks and rec. not hard to see where the state stands on education, huh ?

so heck why not legalize some more dope and pay all this shortfall off ? why not claim to be Indians and open some casinos. I think a casino in downtown craig would be just the ticket, it could feature cigarette machines selling marijuana cigarettes.

so many good ideas, huh ?


cmawest 1 year, 3 months ago on Meeker plane crash victim identified

I was the first officer to arrive at a crash at the end of the runway in craig some years ago. cause of the crash was the pilot flying an old plane that was just plain worn out. this one was a 1952 ???????????

I wonder how old is too old with small civilian aircraft ?


cmawest 1 year, 3 months ago on Moffat County School Board to discuss budget

I think its about time we start leaning on our legislators to start funneling some of the goco lottery money into the schools. we have enough parks and recs.