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dennis collins 2 weeks, 6 days ago on Mike Littwin: Let Colorado’s death penalty conversation begin

America will never do that allen, we are the worlds do gooders. crime would be easily solved if we would just heed the words of the bible (paraphrased) he who sheds mans blood, shall have his blood shed by man.

why do drug dealers kill everyone who gets close to their precious dope ? even cops ? al capone himself never hit a cop, he knew they would ban together and come after him, but drug cartels have no such scruples. why ? money plain and simple, boxcars full of cash. more money than any crime in America has ever made, its worth it to them to kill the cops, why not ? if the death penalty can't be used in the aurora shooting, when ? the dealers know that and will risk life in jail for the billions of dollars.


if we had a federal law that mandated the death penalty ( no constant appeals) for anyone caught selling drugs, directly or indirectly to any child under 18. drug cartels would scurry back under whatever rock they came from, all the money in the world is of no use to a dead guy. but we can't help ourselves, we continually elect people like king Obama, socialist people who want control of everything and pass laws governing every breath we take, in exchange for more and more entitlements. we get lazier all the time, 100 weeks of unemployment, food stamps to everyone who will haul them home. you have but to spend a week in California to see who runs that state. folks may not like the rough persona of Donald Trump, but he makes sense. would I vote for him, probably not, I'm still writing in bob mekleys name.


dennis collins 3 weeks ago on Moffat County Commissioners consider county manager

ha, yeah you are right about that john, we have known one another for a long time. I guess I hadn't thought about it from your point of view.

with half my adult life working for 3 police depts. a sheriff, and the department of corrections, not to mention the military, I think my years of public service are about at an end. we are working with Marylou as we speak to buy another house and come home and retire (yeah right!) I know I have worked with some really good city managers over the years, one in colo. spgs. put the entire area on the map, but then I have worked around some that were really worthless. I had never thought about county commissioners needing that kind of help, but then my experience had been with commissioners that didn't even have an office in the courthouse, so I never thought they had much to do. but I do know that many boards like that operate with very unqualified people who regardless of their good intentions just didn't have the experience, so I suppose they would really benefit from a county manager.

I once worked around a city manager who was responsible for appointing his own city council. he made every dept. head a city council member, his opinion was that with dept. heads as members he should never need to hire an expert to research anything.

I guess I would need to wait and see.


dennis collins 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Moffat County Commissioners consider county manager

just did a little research. if you want to read something really interesting, google Colorado elected officials salary. a real eye opener. explains why unqualified people might want to run for public office. heck ! I'm totally unqualified, but certainly might consider it. especially if I could depend on the taxpayers hiring me an expert to do it for me. but what if the expert is lying too ? oh yeah, we pay out their contract and hire another one and hope he knows what he's doing. holy crap ! what a nightmare !!


dennis collins 3 weeks, 2 days ago on Moffat County Commissioners consider county manager

lets see if I understand this. we have county commissioners that make a lot of money to run the county, right ?

these people campaigned and were elected by the voters, because they said they could do the job, right ?

so now they find that they cannot do the job, right ?

now they want to hire some other person who claim they can do the job, right ?

in my world if you were hired to do a job you were expected to be telling the truth about your ability to do it, otherwise you got fired, no one ever hired someone to do my job for me if I couldn't do it. damn ! I'm pretty sure the folks in moffat county are smarter than that.

I think its amazing when you consider some of the talent (or lack of it) we have had over the years, and they didn't need the voters to hire someone else to do their job for them.

right ?


dennis collins 1 month ago on Craig briefs: Free park entrance to active-duty military, veterans

free for a month ?

hey colorado legislators, they didn't go fight for your freedom for a month. they should never have to pay to get into a state park. man ! are we ever going to get rid of these dimwits in the statehouse ?


dennis collins 1 month ago on Mike Littwin: After the Lafayette shooting the jury is still out on us

spoken by someone who obviously voted for the great and powerful king Obama. you poor demented undereducated guy.

if it wasn't a gun it would be a club, if it wasn't that it would be a car. when someone decides to kill there is unfortunetly no way to stop it when they are willing to give up their own life to do it.

why should I give up the right to protect myself because some nut case decided to shoot up a movie. and where do you get off calling yourself some kind of expert. my opinion is based on a lifetime in law enforcement, where were you a cop at. ????