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dennis collins 3 weeks, 6 days ago on John Pogline: Say no to pot

so why not get rid of booze along with pot, good grief do you people really need to get high that bad ?

go ask tim jantz or the law enforcement community how they feel about it. when I was a cop 90% of my calls were alcohol or drug related, why do you want something to make you act silly to add to whats already out there ?

walk a mile in a cops shoes and see what the truth is.

I am sitting at a navy base in California as I write this, you cannot believe what a joke people out here think Colorado is over legalizing pot --- California is laughing at Colorado -- oh my God how embarrassing is that ?


dennis collins 1 month ago on Shaun Hadley: Craig losing pot money

they have been doing that forever and without a law being passed to allow it. we have more than enough laws already.


dennis collins 1 month ago on Shaun Hadley: Craig losing pot money


I couldn't agree with you more, pot should be legal and be allowed to come like superman and save the day. The heck with the fact that fatal accidents and pot related accidents with children have spiked since pot was legalized, The heck with all them old fuddy duddys in Craig that think their opinion counts. Who cares that there are thousands of them that don't want it, after all you and a few others should be able to have your way in spite of them.

as a matter of fact, we don't need to stop there. we need the jobs and the taxes, so lets get a couple legal meth labs in town. Lets legalize heroin. And why stop there, lets legalize prostitution too. Folks would drive to Craig from other "countries" to be able to smoke a joint while doing some hooker. Craig would be famous, people would flock to Craig to buy a home and start smoking dope.

Why not look at gambling too. Well maybe not, Las Vegas still has a zero tolerance policy on dope, and prostitution is illegal too. Damn ! if sin city don't want it, why would we ?

Oh well, we could always have the community college to start training hit men, think of the taxes we could get off that. The skies the limit, pot shops are just the tip of the ice burg, but remember that when crime goes off the charts and gets so bad that you can't stand living here, it was you and yours that wanted it here. Somehow I doubt the local economy is your chief concern, somehow I think its your own pocket your worried about.

you seem real impressed with Denver and Oak Creek, maybe you need to look into moving there. Until then, God bless, and please don't sell any of that crap to our kids.


dennis collins 1 month, 1 week ago on Bear River Young Life Car and Motorcycle Show

good show. my thanks to the folks that came to my rescue when I took the fall getting on my motorcycle. my head hit the ground hard enough to crack my helmet, of course if your gonna hurt me, my head ain't where to hit me, i'm way too hard headed for that. anyway thank you for the help back onto my feet.



dennis collins 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Colorado responds to the VA internal audit

I sure don't know what all this v.a. stuff is about, seems like all the sudden it has come to light and don't sound too good. please allow me to tell you my personal experience with the grand junction v.a. hospital and the v.a. system.

around 8 years ago I came into the v.a. hospital wanting to see what they could do about the constant ringing in my ears. in 10 days I was I the audiology clinic getting a hearing test. working on airplanes for 6 years had taken its toll on my hearing. after my hearing was addressed I was told I could now use the v.a. hospital for all my medical needs. I called to set an appointment for a physical and was back in a week to see the dr. in the process of the exam it was discovered that I had throat cancer. all I can say about the v.a. is had it not been for their immediate response I wouldn't have made it. I was told that I would not live more than 30 days without immediate treatment. they moved so fast and hard that at one time we asked them to slow down a bit on treatment as it was wearing us out. we were told you cannot slow down on aggressive cancer treatment, we were told that the v.a. would pull out all stops to save my life.

the v.a. assigned a local ENT (dr. trowbridge,) and a local oncologist, (dr king) who worked tirelessly to save my life, they even paid a local dentist (dr. gaglioni) to monitor my teeth through the post surgical radiation treatment.

today I am 100% clean and in the best health of my life, thanks to God and the people he used to save my life. so when I hear the v.a. is not taking care of the vets. well I really don't understand that.

I am told that with the huge amount of vets. coming home from the middle east, its hard for the v.a. to keep up and even harder to put on enough doctors to see all of these vets. that's understandable, the funding for v.a. was allocated before al the middle east vets started coming home.

its easy to criticize the v.a., after all they are a government enity. we have an administration that seems less than honest about things and seem to use things like this to take attention away from other situations.

please never think that the v.a. doesn't have the best interest of us vets in mind. I am 66 years old, if they were going to give out selective attention I would be one of the first vets. ignored. and believe me, I ain't. I can see my dr. with as little as an hours notice, and have on many occasions, I even had my p.a. examine me at a rodeo once when I was feeling weak. they are doing their best folks, they need your support. I have no idea whats happening down in Arizona, its a big hospital with thousands of vets. to take care of. I don't believe there are special lists of folks that they don't want to take care of. and I certainly know grand jct. v.a. medical center don't have those lists.


dennis collins 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Conference to bring small-business owners to Craig

you have to give these folks credit for trying, although it may not work, at least it gives them something to do.

I left craig the first time in 1965 to join the military, the town stopped about a mile north of ralph gabors place, out west to just beyond signal hill, east out at b&b, and south - well about where it is today. in other words it hasn't changed much in 49 years.

we have seen every kind of energy related boom and bust come and go, just about every type business come and go, (over and over) and what do we have ? craig ! same place, about the same amount of people, scratching out a living while business comes and goes.

there had always been about as many jobs as there were folks to fill them, so everyone got by, no one got much richer living here, but we were all really happy.

maybe someday the town will take off, maybe rex walker will drill holes all over his property and put everyone to work for big money, maybe craig will flourish with many new businesses, maybe there will be enough folks with good paying jobs to keep all these small businesses going. maybe wal mart will go away and allow small businesses to flourish.

maybe not


dennis collins 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Neighbor dispute, lawsuit put kink in Hayden charity event plans

my goodness, what a bunch of old, crotchety, mean people in your area. you would think a charity event like that would be welcome, unfortunetly some narrow minded people cannot be dealt with. I would bet a large amount that any one of them would be doing this themselves if they or one of their grand kids had this terrible disease.

find another venue and let the locals deal with your neighbors the way small towns tend to. they probably voted for Obama too.