dennis collins

dennis collins 2 months, 1 week ago on Craig pot shop attracts CNN crews

oh yippee ! CNN again, seems like last time they blew into town with their twisted version of the news we lost the best sheriff we ever had. I guess the peoples vote just will never be important to those who stand to gain cash out of the deal. oh well, we all have to stand before God with our conduct some day.


dennis collins 2 months, 1 week ago on Scott Tochtrop: Craig fuel prices

hmm, I think I have read this before ? oh yeah, the first time I remember, was around 1964, then just about every year since. not a new problem, huh ?


dennis collins 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Ballot question measures public opinion on marijuana growth


first of all I have found that I have been basically arguing with little more than teenagers in the past. so I won't begin to tell you how bogus all the reasons for legalizing drugs is. its there to get high on, or for a few to make money off of, no other reasonable use.

yes I am very familiar with the internet, I just read several articles by good respectable doctors, including the inspector general who say that it has no real medical value over whiskey, just higher priced, and God knows we have enough dead children with the booze.

benjie buddy, I was a part of the graduating class of 1965, so I have been around long enough to know what the residents of craig want. believe it or not, they DONT want it to grow and become another grand jct, or Denver. if that's what you want, the solution is simple, MOVE THERE ! or better yet California, you'll love their pot laws.

craig is the same simple little cowtown it was when I was your age, my first date at 16 was at the west theater, I ate lunch at the cosgriff, my mom tended bar at the white horse and managed the restaurant at the cosgriff. I seved on both the sheriff dept, and police dept. I know where everything in town is at.

I don't have to take a number and wait all day to get a licence plate, and it takes me 30 minutes to buy a gallon of milk while I visit with the people I know. why would I care about the revenue gained by growing and selling drugs ? why would you want to change craig ? most of us love it just the way it is. (see election results for proof)


dennis collins 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Ballot question measures public opinion on marijuana growth

o.k. now that its had the attention and the voters turned it down, lets declare it a dead issue. I figured the moffat county voters were smarter that you thought, marijuana is dope, plain and simple, only a handful of people who stand to profit are ever "for" it.

kudos to the voters.


dennis collins 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Brad Goldsmith: Noise ordinance?

there is absolutely something that you can do. call both the sheriff and police chief, remind them that Colorado has a statute that has been on the books forever prohibiting diesel engines from emitting visible smoke.

those pickups have been modified with computer programmers to turn the pumps up and burn more fuel, that's what causes the smoke and the terrible smell. for whatever reason they think its cute, because it "does not" improve the mileage or power, and just pollutes the heck out of the air.

funny side note. I was driving down north ave. in grand junction the other day, apparently with all the young oil workers they have the same problem. one left an intersection just wailing and emmiting dark clouds of really nasty black smoke. there was a big bald headed biker right next to the truck when he did it, the biker chased him down and dragged him out of the truck and just slapped the fire out of the oil worker, got on his bike and rode off. it was a hoot.