cmawest 1 year, 3 months ago on What is your stance on gun control?

society created this problem. how many of us can remember these mass killings happening 50 years ago. a few over 50 years maybe, but not like now. we allow our kids to thumb their noses at society and tell them its "their right" we furnish video games that turn them into mindless, numb, killers with no remorse, and no realization of the sanctity of life, after all, just reset the game and all the dead guys come back. we tell them that if an unwanted pregnancy cause a problem finishing school, why, heck ! go get an abortion ! we bombard them with vicious bloody television programs and then say that it won't effect them. if t.v. has no effect, why would companies spend billions in advertizing on t.v. ?

i own a bushmaster AR-15 and i can tell you that i agree, there is probably no real reason to own one. its the best coyote gun i ever had, but a 223 bolt action would work too. and i am a viet nam veteran and former police officer, well trained in its use. need one ? no ! but i have a corvette that will go 190 mph ! need it ? of course not, but they are both fun to own. will i use my AR-15 to go hurt folks ? never ! but then i hadn't figured on running anyone down with the car either.

how do we control all this ? we don't ! ask anyone who has been the victim of one of these sensless shootings, its the price you pay for a free and open society. you can help by supporting your local police and sheriff depts. see to it they have the tools to do the job.

this government needs to concentrate on getting the economy kickstarted and stop all the knee jerking over sensless killings, thats tim jantz's job. thats law enforcements job. most cops support you owning your guns. but, like i said, do you really need an assault weapon ? i have in my police career been in the position of having someone banging away at me with a 44 magnum revolver, i didn't care if it was a pistol, shotgun, or assault weapon, they will all kill you. it was a scary night that ended with investigating a terrible car accident that had killed several people, there was no knee jerk programs the next day to outlaw cars, or alcohol.


cmawest 1 year, 10 months ago on What topic do you want to hear presidential contender Mitt Romney address the most during his campaign appearance Tuesday in Craig?

yeah, he might even shut down the 99 weeks of unemployment too, wow what a jerk, we wanna keep all them entitlements, and all the free stuff we don't have to work for. gimmee, gimmee, gimmee, more, more, more !!

maybe with any luck we can do as well as the roman empire did.


cmawest 2 years, 3 months ago on Car theft suspect’s case continued to February

heh ! yup ! i used to work there. they would have to shoot me for escaping. no way would i live there. snake pit is a gross understatement.


cmawest 2 years, 4 months ago on Craig family: Local nonprofit agency a benefit to families in need

you guys hang in there. my niece was diagnosed with exactly the same thing. they told her parent she would have all the same problems they told you about. today she knits blankets for veterans and works full time as a receptionist for a law firm in denver. danielle is 34 years old now and has no plans to die any time soon. she is a wonderful Christian woman with plans for her life. don't let anyone talk you into believing different. love that little guy and treat him like all the other little guys, he will do fine and you will be proud of him. oh, they said she would be slow all her life, well maybe, but she finished high school and did two years in college.


cmawest 2 years, 4 months ago on Reviews under way at CMS, East Elementary

o.k. guys, pop quiz !

when i was remodeling our house, the city building inspector about drove me to drink with all his silly requirements that cost me twice the time to finish the project. he told me it was all nessesary to wind up with a 'SAFE' structure.

o.k. so he was right, i wound up with a well built and safe structure.


instead of asking for all these inspections from out of town inspectors and spending a potload of craig taxpayer money to pay for all of it, why not just ask our building inspector if it is built correctly ? after all, its all in the city, he had to have inspected it as it was being built, right ?

hey, c'mon, we pay good help, we need to go to them for information?


cmawest 2 years, 4 months ago on Craig Police Department officer arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, harassment

oh my ! here we go again ! let a cop do something and out of the woodwork come the cover up folks. what a shame that cops cannot be looked at as people instead of robots that are somehow broken. you weren't there to see what actually happened, and take it from someone who used to consider tim jantz a friend, he will not cover something up. if the incident requires an arrest, one will be made. if it rates conviction, he will see to it.

damn guys, every time a cop is involved don't make it a sure thing that he is wrong. he may be, but until you are willing to walk in his shoes, don't try and convict him and the entire system before you hear the whole story.

jantz may not be much af a friend to folks, but he is a good cop who won't cover anything up.

after all, you elected all of them.


cmawest 2 years, 4 months ago on New group focusing attention on Moffat County education system

good grief ! i said someone outside these unions to ride heard on the system itself. wow there is always someone married to a teacher that comes in and makes zero sense.

you people always want citizen groups to watchdog things like the police, but say one thing about the "never do wrong" teachers and your in trouble.

my concern is only for the kids. in my day you couldn't have gotten out of the 3rd grade if you couldn't read, but today we graduate kids like that. o.k. genius, tell me why ? don't jump up and defend the system, defend the kids. c'mon were waiting.


cmawest 2 years, 4 months ago on New group focusing attention on Moffat County education system

kudos, scott.

i hope you can change things. i once hired a young man to work for me. he had just "graduated" from moffat county high school. this boy was not trainable so i offered to help him get into the military. they tested him and found him to be "functually illiterate" the kid couldn't read !!

the schools come to us wanting more money all the time and then graduate kids that cannot read ?

we need people like you guys, outside the teachers unions and such to ride herd on these people. i'll bet if the teachers feet were held to the fire and their pay scale adjusted to meet their output of well educated kids, things would change.

well, its a nice pipe dream. good luck with this and i will be waiting, watching, but certainly not voting for any tax increases till i see some real change.