dennis collins

dennis collins 2 days, 18 hours ago on Jay Oxley: Filling Safeway’s space

bengie, buddy !

it wasn't the commissioners and city council. Dude ! it was the voters, you know those folks who care about their community enough to keep drug dealers, legal or illegal out of their town.

give it a rest, you can whine till your daddy finally gets tired of it and gives you a good spanking, but the "PEOPLE" don't want it. why not move up to baggs, maybe you can talk "them" into it.


dennis collins 5 days, 7 hours ago on Jay Oxley: Filling Safeway’s space

I wonder what the monthly cost of leasing the space is ? I wonder if that is why so many businesses fail in the mall.


dennis collins 3 weeks ago on Mike Littwin: Until the fire next time


I think you should become a police officer and experience a life and death situation yourself. then you will truly be the expert you think you are.


dennis collins 1 month ago on Craig pot shop attracts CNN crews

oh yippee ! CNN again, seems like last time they blew into town with their twisted version of the news we lost the best sheriff we ever had. I guess the peoples vote just will never be important to those who stand to gain cash out of the deal. oh well, we all have to stand before God with our conduct some day.


dennis collins 1 month ago on Scott Tochtrop: Craig fuel prices

hmm, I think I have read this before ? oh yeah, the first time I remember, was around 1964, then just about every year since. not a new problem, huh ?