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dennis collins 3 days, 21 hours ago on Suzanne Meyer: Appalled at newspaper

I agree, when my mom died they ran the obituary for several weeks for free.

I think they only charge for long drawn out obituaries. I have seen some that take 2 pages and they still think they need to say more. when mom died a short 2 lines, said it all, she was born did the dash thing and died. everyone who cared about her knew it anyway.

telling everyone In town, every job she ever had and the names of every child, grandchild, great grandchild - etc, etc. and every town every child lives in, well if you need all that I guess its expected you need to pay for all that.

just my humble opinion


dennis collins 2 weeks, 2 days ago on Moffat County Sheriff honors father at swear in ceremony

congratulations K.C. there was never any doubt who would be next. we know your dad very well, he is a good man, i know he is busting with pride right now, even if he can't show it.

I know you will do a bang up job for the folks of moffat county. seems like you have been in law enforcement as long as I can remember, hard to give up, I know, I am leaving Saturday for a reunion in phoenix with cops I worked with 40 years ago. its a real weird occupation we chose. but one that creates "brothers" not fellow employees.

moffat county will be a better place under your guidance, but then you've been here all along, huh ?

thanks for your service !



dennis collins 3 weeks, 6 days ago on Carol J. Sloan: A gift for my Lord


thank you for the reminder. Jesus is often left in the background during this season. I often wonder why those that don't believe would put up a tree and celebrate Christmas, something they don't believe in. always remember there are untold millions that believe just the way you do, most don't have the courage to go public. if more did, it would be a much kinder, loving world. I can tell you feel blessed, it takes someone like you to realize that when things are tough.

thanks again for caring enough to share those blessings.


dennis collins 4 weeks, 1 day ago on Senior Spotlight: Gray days and sad news

oh my, no I didn't mean anything like that, there are just so many instances I was just hoping this wasn't one of them. sorry, I guess it just came out sounding bad. my apologies.


dennis collins 1 month ago on Senior Spotlight: Gray days and sad news

mary joe,

did not know you were related. sorry to hear about the boy, I hope he wasn't texting when it happened.

we were coming up to see you on Saturday but it didn't work out. we miss all you guys



dennis collins 1 month, 1 week ago on Moffat County commissioner Dec. 22 meeting recap

you guys need to smile once in a while, every time the newspaper takes a photo of you, you really look cranky.


dennis collins 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Jay Oxley: Filling Safeway’s space

bengie, buddy !

it wasn't the commissioners and city council. Dude ! it was the voters, you know those folks who care about their community enough to keep drug dealers, legal or illegal out of their town.

give it a rest, you can whine till your daddy finally gets tired of it and gives you a good spanking, but the "PEOPLE" don't want it. why not move up to baggs, maybe you can talk "them" into it.


dennis collins 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Jay Oxley: Filling Safeway’s space

I wonder what the monthly cost of leasing the space is ? I wonder if that is why so many businesses fail in the mall.


dennis collins 2 months ago on Mike Littwin: Until the fire next time


I think you should become a police officer and experience a life and death situation yourself. then you will truly be the expert you think you are.