dennis collins

dennis collins 2 days, 16 hours ago on Bipartisan effort to return severance taxes to NW Colorado counties flounders

so who needs it ? right ? can't we just sell more dope and make up the shortfall ? I thought the dope was going to save humanity ?

why are we even talking about short budgets for schools etc. we save up zillions of dollars on lottery moneys but refuse to spend it on education, spending it instead on parks and rec. not hard to see where the state stands on education, huh ?

so heck why not legalize some more dope and pay all this shortfall off ? why not claim to be Indians and open some casinos. I think a casino in downtown craig would be just the ticket, it could feature cigarette machines selling marijuana cigarettes.

so many good ideas, huh ?


dennis collins 2 weeks, 6 days ago on Meeker plane crash victim identified

I was the first officer to arrive at a crash at the end of the runway in craig some years ago. cause of the crash was the pilot flying an old plane that was just plain worn out. this one was a 1952 ???????????

I wonder how old is too old with small civilian aircraft ?


dennis collins 3 weeks, 1 day ago on Moffat County School Board to discuss budget

I think its about time we start leaning on our legislators to start funneling some of the goco lottery money into the schools. we have enough parks and recs.


dennis collins 3 weeks, 4 days ago on Hayden School District plans for staffing cuts

85% to pay staff ? 15% to educate the kids ? and they wonder why we won't vote for more mill levy money. and they teach part of the year ?


dennis collins 1 month ago on Communication falters surrounding Tuesday's LMD meeting

and therein lies the problem with everyone getting lazy and depending on electronic gizmos to advise people of important meetings. I sure hope when God decides to end the world that he don't send it out over the internet.


dennis collins 2 months ago on Western Slope Food Bank of the Rockies helps feed area residents

allen, no one asked for your money, but just for your information this food bank (at their own expense) brings over 20,000 pounds of food a month to the boys and girls club each month and gives it away free to the local craig residents who need it. so research a bit before you put your mouth in gear.


dennis collins 2 months, 4 weeks ago on Brian and Kara Soper: A military love story

nice story you guys, and thank you for both your military and your police service to our country and community. as both a viet nam vet, and a police officer I can identify with the demands of both.


dennis collins 3 months ago on iClicker technology boosts student engagement

if this is all true, what are they all carrying in these huge backpacks ? lunch ?

now I understand why all the kids are walking through wal mart like mindless zombies, staring at their phones. you guys are teaching them to do this. we should keep that in mind the next time the schools want another mill levy increase !