cmawest 9 months, 1 week ago on Do you think that Moffat County elected officials should have their term limits extended from two terms to three. That means an extra four years in office if elected for a third term?

i have always thought term limits on local elected officials were stupid. we have an election every 4 years, term limits say we are not smart enough to vote a poor elected official out of office.

take your sheriff for example, do we have a good one, yep! we do. so why on earth would we want to lose him in 8 short years ? if he is a good man why not keep him as long as we want to ?

if you work at the power plant and make a good living for your family, how would you like it if they came to you in 8 years and said "too bad, your doing a swell job, but we have limits and you have to go work in a gas station now" hmm, that somehow don't sound as good, huh ?

if you have good help, keep them as long as you can, if you have poor help, well, then fire them. but never try and tell voters they are not smart enough to make a decision. thats what king obama thinks, don't join him.


cmawest 9 months, 3 weeks ago on Moffat County Commissioners show angst over gun laws

well folks, you can't say you haven't been warned over the years. if you keep allowing people like hookenlipper to run bills like this through the legislators and into law, the next one will limit ammo, then handguns, then guns altogether. you "HAVE" to stand up and protect your constitution, or you will slowly loose it.


cmawest 10 months, 2 weeks ago on Moffat County term limit extensions being discussed

yep ! the best term limits are when the voters say "you ain't makin it" and throw the person out.

listen folks, when congressmen or big time govt. politicians get voted out they can just go back to their lawyer job and continue life. when your sheriff gets term limited he either has to retire (tims too young) or go to work as a deputy (more than a bit embarrasing) people who dedicate their lives to law enforcement rarely know any other way to make a living. plus you get a really good sheriff and have to kiss him good by in 8 years. i have been a real fan of allowing local officials to stay in office if they are doing a good job. if this makes it on the ballot, stop and ask yourself if each of the officials involved are doing a good job or not, then vote what makes sense.

tims a very good man, has he done a good job ? and don't be fooled, tim would certainly run again if it was offered. ask yourself how many sheriffs you have had with the courage to tell the governor to take his stupid gun laws and shove them. i cannot speak for the others as i don't live in craig at the moment, as a native i will certainly come back when the time is right, i just hope you haven't run all the good help off by that time.

remember, you can trust folks like jantz, and after all whats most important ?


cmawest 1 year ago on Do you worry that new gun laws passed in Colorado will adversely effect the state’s hunting industry?


the reason hunters are boycotting moffat county are the stupid laws passed my hickenlooper (is that a real name) hunters are banning together to protest stupid politicians like king obama, and all their new laws that deny constitutional rights. just keep it up and before long you will be living in that socialist state you all think is so great. personally i hate to see moffat county suffer, but it is the fault of the clown you elected governor, and now he wants to be president too. not the fault of good law abiding gun owners. yes the question was hunting and the local economy. and never, ever accuse my fellow man of legalizing pot, my fellow man wouldn't smoke that crap is it was good for you, and no one i know voted for it anyway. so ramble on with your ten cent words, no one is listening to you.


cmawest 1 year ago on Do you worry that new gun laws passed in Colorado will adversely effect the state’s hunting industry?

i have been watching all this since hickenlooper (is that a real name?) bum rushed this legislation through. first of all who is he to do this without the vote of the people ? thank God for a sheriff like tim who has the guts to tell this obama worshiping moron no ! how fortunate you are to live in moffat county, now get in there and back him up. these laws are just plain stupid, 30 round magazines ? o.k. so 2 15 rounders takes 2 seconds more time, what an idiot ! should we own assault weapons? do we need them ? absolutely not ! but in my garage sits a 2012 corvette that will run right at 200mph. do i need a car that will do 200 mph ? nope ! but damn, its fun to own. so's my AR-15. what part of the 2cd ammendment don't you democrats understand ?

kudos to my old friend tim jantz. wish moffat county would have used their heads and done away with term limits. how about police chief ?


cmawest 1 year, 2 months ago on What is your reaction to a decision by Moffat County Commissioners to pursue a resolution supporting the Second Amendment Rights of Moffat County residents?

it is truly the right thing to do. you should be proud your commissioners care enough to make a stand. and what about that sheriff of yours? wow !, what balls it takes to tell king obama you ain't gonna enforce any of his B.S. gun laws. we need more brave public service officials like him. how do you all feel about not pushing to eliminate term limits for your sheriff now ??

oh well he probably needs a rest anyway. he's getting really old and grey headed. i heard he traded his harley in on a honda helix scooter and is riding the bus to sturgis next august - ha ! kidding timmy.

be thankful you have these people. you could have gotten saddled with another hickenlooper.(is that a real name ?)


cmawest 1 year, 2 months ago on Scouts' future uncertain if ban on gays is dropped

can you feel the end coming on strong ??

old testement = Leviticus 18:22

new testement = Romans 1: 26 & 27

ignore it if you want, everyone was given that right by God. pretend he doesn't exist, but you know better.

act like man is in charge, God is in heaven laughing at you

support this sort of thing, go ahead, just don't wonder then why your life isn't blessed.

what a mess this world is in.


cmawest 1 year, 3 months ago on Do you think gas prices in Craig will stay comparable to those in Hayden and Steamboat Springs?

actually i believe the real problem lies right behind your steering wheel, you stop and fuel up and fill the tank to overflowing, then complain about the cost. if everyone would just stop playing into their hands and just buy what you need to meet your responsibilities, the folks in charge of screwing you blind would start to hurt in the old pocketbook and lower the prices to whatever it took to get you back to the pumps. try it guys, it works.


cmawest 1 year, 3 months ago on What is your stance on gun control?

damn them sparklers ! we have tried to ban them forever, but their still around.

just heard from my nephiew in the navy, he's a commander at fallon nevada. he says they are actually getting 5K for bushmaster AR-15s in reno.

heck i'll sell mine for half of that, heck i'll sell mine for a third of that and throw in 500 rounds of 223s.

ain't this fun stuff to watch ?


cmawest 1 year, 3 months ago on What is your stance on gun control?


i couldn't agree with you more. my point is that banning guns is not the solution, and it gets really old (and very predictable) to have to hear all about how "banning" a high capacity magazine is somehow going to change things.

there is talk of banning magazines over 10 rounds, really ? would that slow a killer, proficiant in the use of an AR-15 down, maybe by a second or two while he slams another 10 rounder in. no, banning guns, or taking any constitutionally guaranteed right away from the people is just a left wing power trip that cannot be accomplished anyway, so i still say they need to quit wasting time trying to take away our guns and work on the economy.

i will give obama credit for one thing, he is the worlds best gun salesman. every time something like this comes out of his mouth, gun sales soar. i was at a sporting goods store in grand junction yesterday (a big one) they had zero assault weapons left, and you are now looking at 5 days getting CBI clearence to buy any gun. that was 15 minutes last month.

one look at the gun auction website shows colt AR-15s are upwards to $3,600.00 and bushmasters are auctioning in the $2,000.00 range. i paid $800.00 for mine. wish i'd have bought a dozen of them.

no, the answer will never be banning anything, not in a country the size and population of america. we kicked God of our schools and government, how can we expect him to continue to bless us. take a second to dust off that old family bible and read 2 Chronicles 7:14 and the real answer is right there looking you in the face.

the only other answer is to move to some other country that has never alllowed guns.