dennis collins

dennis collins 20 hours, 52 minutes ago on Mike Littwin: After the Lafayette shooting the jury is still out on us

spoken by someone who obviously voted for the great and powerful king Obama. you poor demented undereducated guy.

if it wasn't a gun it would be a club, if it wasn't that it would be a car. when someone decides to kill there is unfortunetly no way to stop it when they are willing to give up their own life to do it.

why should I give up the right to protect myself because some nut case decided to shoot up a movie. and where do you get off calling yourself some kind of expert. my opinion is based on a lifetime in law enforcement, where were you a cop at. ????


dennis collins 2 days, 11 hours ago on Local officials look to new lodging tax for economic development dollars

good grief ! aren't the motel prices high enough yet ? we have family and friends who have stopped coming to craig to hunt because of the high price of lodging. oh well, their gonna do what ever they are gonna do. I don't know what it will finally take other than allowing it to just sink or swim. years back all we heard was the economy would be fine if we could just de-bruce the county. I chaired a committee to do just that, we de bruced the county and it didn't do a thing to help. it is just my humble opinion, but I think craig is always trying to grow bigger than it will ever be able to handle. when you look back over the years and count all the boom and busts the county has endured you have to wonder if attaching itself to energy was ever a good idea. too much, work today, get layed off tomarrow. drill today, stop, lay everyone off. the story of craigs life since energy took over.

was there something wrong with the cattle and sheep business ?


dennis collins 1 week, 1 day ago on Mike Littwin: Donald Trump’s spectacular implosion

I think the voters are getting sick of business as usual in the government, lie all the way to election day, and then do whatever they want to do, screw the voting public, or like our present "king" Obama, screw everybody, I have the keys to the treasury, i'll spend it as "I" see fit, screw congress, i'll just do it anyway. all of them have to make the big business who funded their elections happy. trump has his own money and maybe we just need a rich white guy in charge again. at least trump knows how to make money, maybe he knows how to get this country back on it's feet, providing king Obama hasn't screwed it up beyond help.

if he is a liar, he will be found out. I have no idea what kind if president he would make, I still feel no one who hasn't been in the military should be made commander in chief, kind of like hiring a mechanic that has no tools -and never has had any !

kind of like our present ruler.


dennis collins 2 weeks ago on Interior Secretary Jewell says 200 coal jobs lost throughout U.S. is "minor"

I wonder how she would feel about it if one of those lost jobs were hers ? I really hope the voters are paying attention, I really hope no democrat ever gets elected again, oh wait, that would be heaven, right ?


dennis collins 2 weeks, 1 day ago on Jane Yazzie: Sage grouse concerns

actually they are quite tasty, in my youth I tried to control their growth by eating as many as I could. 50 years later they are still allover the place, so guess I didn't have much effect.

you are correct allen, we are not to give any animal or bird more consideration than we give one another.


dennis collins 2 weeks, 2 days ago on Moffat County hires new social services director

I fail to see how not answering phones is efficient. we pay for these services and when we need something we have to leave a message that may or may not ever be returned. you may think that is efficient for you, but it certainly is not efficient for the people who fund your office and your paychecks, but government has always been about efficiency for them and not for us. we, of course have all the time in the world to sit and wait for a return call (how efficient is that) but in the Obama kingdom it just ain't about us, is it ? maybe we should just start our own "quiet time" and not pay our taxes during our quiet time, hmm what a concept.


dennis collins 2 weeks, 4 days ago on Greg Hamilton: We should spend wisely

so if you buy the bullies an I-pad things will be better? we had bullies too, we didn't quit school over them we took them out behind the school and gave them anti bully lessons. most bullies are cowards kids, don't be afraid of them.