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cforevereyez 5 years, 10 months ago on Livestock, marijuana highlight reports at Craig City Council meeting

Mr. Willems needs to stick to discussing chickens. His contention that the fine folks in Steamboat are going to drive to Craig to purchase their medical marijuana if their dispensaries are shut down, is just plain goofy. The sky ain't falling Chicken Little, so please find something else to worry about.

The real drug problem in Steamboat is alcohol. Read the police report in the Pilot and see how many DUIs they have week after week after week. Look at the death, destruction and mayhem alcohol is responsible for right there on Lincoln. Yes, that is a real family friendly drug of choice.

Nikobesti was right Willems, you are one fine hypocrite. Keep slamming em down and tell yourself how far superior you are to those who legally use marijuana. One of these days, someone might believe you.


cforevereyez 6 years, 4 months ago on Craig man dies in early morning highway incident

Thank you for calling me a liar DavidMoore. As someone who has walked/biked/skied the Ridgeview trail 3 to 4 times a week since it was built, I take offense to calling my report "false". When the snow melts this spring, take a walk out by your loading area and look at the trail. You don't know it all, you just think you do.


cforevereyez 6 years, 4 months ago on Craig man dies in early morning highway incident

The walking path referred to starts at the back of Murdochs, goes along the new hospital road and ends at the Ridgeview subdivision. It is a mess. Part of it was torn up when the new hospital was built and it has never been repaired, so when it is wet, you walk in mud. There is so much pea gravel on other sections, you can not ride a bike on it. Signs that designate the trail and ban motorized vehicles have been torn down. I've called the city several times about improvements and always get the same answer, "we're working on it." The path was a great idea, but it needs to be kept up, improved, and designated with signs, so people know it is there. I took a pair of skis down it the other day. There is no way you can walk there this time of year.

The question about this accident that I have is, aren't wide loads required to be off the road after dark? This accident occurred in darkness, 5:15 am.

My condolences to Mr. Bliss and his family. It shouldn't take the death of someone, to illustrate how dangerous this stretch of road is.

Slow down, put the cell phones away, and keep your eyes open. You are not the only person on the roadway.


cforevereyez 6 years, 4 months ago on Michael J. Chivington: Killing not honorable

Most sportsmen believe in the concept of fair chase, that is, that the game being pursued has a fair chance to escape. This animal had no such chance. It was killed. It was not hunted.

Just because the actions of Mr. Kendall were legal, doesn't make them moral. The entire article gave me the creeps, including that ghastly picture and the ramblings about God, as if He gave this as a blessing to this person.

I have hunted all my life, and had several opportunities to shoot bears, large bears, in a fair chase situation. I chose not to do so. The living memories of those bears are more important to me than a skull hanging on the wall, or a rug by the fireplace. Mr. Kendall does all sportsmen a disservice, when he kills a hibernating bear in his den and then brags about it.

There is no need to publish this story. A real sportsman would be asking for God's forgiveness after doing this, not proclaiming His blessings.


cforevereyez 6 years, 5 months ago on Craig City Council member considers re-working lodging tax

When people who are elected to office don't understand the meaning of "NO", then it's time to vote them out of office. Terry Carwile seems to think he is entitled to collect and spend our hard earned money, because he knows better. He doesn't. Vote this person out of office the next time he's up for re-election.

Taxing someone else's bed, to benefit those who didn't sleep in that bed, is the worst tax of all. Congratulations to those people in Craig who "got it."


cforevereyez 7 years, 1 month ago on Clean Air measure could reduce coal mining jobs

This bill was introduced by Josh Penry, a Republican, and when asked by a reporter why he wanted to do away with good paying Colorado jobs on the western slope, his reply was something to the effect, that would we rather him do it, or wait for the EPA to do it? What a disgusting statement!

Ritter couldn't get on board fast enough - but this wasn't his proposal. I am starting to think Penry is more interested in playing politics and less concerned about us, or our jobs.

If we shut down our coal mines and power plants in Routt and Moffat Counties, most of the working people here couldn't afford to pay their property taxes, let alone pay for the huge increase in electricty rates. I think the good the mines and power plants contribute to our communities/society more than makes up for the pollution they create. And please, don't forget Josh Penry the next time he wants to get re-elected to anything. When HE doesn't have a job, we'll be on the right track.


cforevereyez 8 years, 6 months ago on Standing on energy

You are wrong Nikobesti. Lehmann does not live in Moffat County. He lives in Steamboat Springs. Please stand corrected.

You might want to get the basic facts straight before you start stating what Moffat County folks get and don't get. You certainly don't speak for me, and I actually live in Moffat County.

What I "get" is Udall's voting record and history and it does not support the mining, drilling and power industries in Moffat County. Udalls wife, Maggie, worked for the Sierra Club for more than 20 years. Need I say more? Now he's standing in front of a coal fired power plant smoke stack? Talk about smoke and mirrors!

Don't be fooled by Udalls promises, look at his record, and look at his life. It will tell you more about the candidate than promises ever will. He won't get my vote.


cforevereyez 8 years, 7 months ago on Jason Wilensky: Increased tax rate is understandable

This is not "just" a penny of every dollar spent in Craig, it is a 45% increase in the Craig sales tax. A 45% sales tax increase to support ONE BUILDING in Craig. A 45% tax increase for a place to play, in these economic times, is unthinkable.

Exell Energy is warning consumers that their home heating costs will be up at least 12% more than last year. Qwest is asking the PUC for a hike in basic phone rates. When will it stop?

Nice try at making this a political issue, Jason. It shows me where your head REALLY is, and it ain't gettin much sunshine these days. You don't need a rec center, you need some fresh air.


cforevereyez 8 years, 7 months ago on New angle on recreation center

This is a 45% increase in sales tax for the city of Craig. 45 PERCENT for a place to recreate! That $19.99 DVD they use for an example is a joke. On a $40,000 vehicle, it's an extra $400 - I should say ONLY $400. I do believe that city sales tax is also charged on gas, electric and telephone bills.

In todays Steamboat Pilot, there's an article that states the city of Steamboat is cutting back on capital budget projects by 50% in 2009 and 2010 looks even worse. They are looking at some tough years coming up. They had the wisdom to vote down a rec center in Steamboat last year because the community could not afford it. Here in Craig we party on like there's no tomorrow. We spend $20,000 of OPM (other people's money), to bring in a consultant to sell us this fiasco, at a time when any one in his right mind can see the tough times coming up. The slick sales have only just begun.

My biggest disappointment is that I hear no one on our city council having reservations about this project. Perhaps in a few years when our economic future is more certain, we can look at this, but at this time, there is no way I can support a project of this magnitude, without knowing what the future holds.

Does anyone wonder why they pick a spring election? The general public does not show up to vote in the spring, and supporters of the Rec Center will gather their supporters and hope to sneak the yes vote in. They do it every time. You seldom see tax initiatives on a fall ballot.

If anyone wants to see what a fine job the City of Craig does with recreation money, take a walk on that Ridgeview hiking path from Ridgeview to Murdochs. It has been totally neglected. Now they want more, and it's ONLY a 45% increase in the sales tax that they're after.


cforevereyez 8 years, 10 months ago on 'What did we do? What did we not do?'

A compassionate comment from one so wise, owl.

The teachings of Confucius (correct spelling) deal with humanism. Have you read them 50cal? Perhaps you should, if you are going to quote them. Spending time in study and thought was something Confucius felt was important to everyone. That is what makes us human, compassionate, studied and thoughtful. Confucius was a very wise man.