Rating: 1

cestabrook Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Lodging & Massage

This place is HORRIBLE! The man at the front gate (foreign with dark hair in a pony tail) claiming to be the manager was completly rude and sarcastic from the time we walked up to the gate until we were leaving the premisis. He even went as far as to stand in the parking lot watching us drive away. My party of 8 as well as another party of 6 whom we did not know and witnessed the rudeness left and went to the Rec center in town. We also ran into a group leaving the facility complaining about how rude this person was and that they would not be returning. I am not sure how this so called manager has been working there but they might want to reavaluate his postion as his customer service skills are non-existent. The rest of my trip in Steamboat was excellent because every place I visted after this experiance the customer service was as it should be.... EXCELLENT! My experience at Strawberry Park HotSprings left a sour taste in my mouth and I will not be returning nor will I recommend this place to anyone! After reading some of the reviews (which I sould have done before I went...live and learn) We are not the only group to be treated this way....sounds like word is getting out on the rudeness of this facility!

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