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Just call Mr Ryberg at the administration office. Or Mr Wildenhouse, the activity director at the high school, they can give you exact numbers. I do know that the girls basketball program earns about $4,000 from the ball drop, some of that they do not get it goes straight to the district general fund. Pancake breakfast depends on sales, but last year it seemed pretty busy and most of the food is bought by parents, with kids and parents working. The girls also serve for the buyers sale at the fair, earning some extra money. This I know for a fact as my daughter plays. If you have never stepped foot in MCHS, that explains how you do not see the kids working at concessions, selling tickets for raffles, chili suppers etc. If you do not go to the large community events, that also explains how you do not see them working GOWD, WTW, the fair etc.


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als- room at 25 a night times 4 to a room is $100, the school shops around and gets a hotel that falls in that price range kids pay all meals while away.

I am not saying that 85 is to much, BUT these kids also do fundraisers over the summer. football does the Bulldog cards girls basketball ball drop, pancake breakfast other sports run concession stands

I also believe that the education is the most important thing about school, I am just pointing out that the 80 boys that play football, 70 or so on the track teams, 50 plus on boys and girls basketball, wrestling, soccer, golf, swimming etc. put in time raising money for their sport. Right now athletics at MCHS are self funded except for transportation (that is getting cut) and coaches salaries.

Team fund raisers will pay for uniforms, equipment and probably have to also cover some transportation.

I think sports should be cut before ANY teacher loses a job.

Facts- read this MoCo was a at the top of the curve prior to the new funding act, we went from the top to the bottom. Shouldn't all school just be funded equally?


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a few facts Activity fee at high school is now $85.00 per activity, plus $25 per night for over night stays

Wresting team pays for its Vegas trip with fund raiser money (auction and Grand ol West Days)

Girls basketball raises money with their ball drop and pancake breakfast at grand old west days

Only a few sports charge a gate fee, football and basketball bring in the most gate. So they help fund the other sports that do not charge a fee.

The problem I see with swimming, is the amount of money spent to keep up the pool. Chemicals, heating the water, and repairs. I think the pool is great for the people of the county, but 100 K PLUS a year spent on the pool? That is 3 teachers.

Other districts have went to 4 day weeks (not sure on that one) students pay to ride the bus, cut busing, cut middle school athletics, remove electives and just teach the TESTED materials, but no matter what, wages are the big cost to our district and that is where our students will get hurt, MOCo is the LOWEST funded school in Colorado.


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Cleaner energies is not really that clean. Wind turbines, fuel cells, batteries for electric cars and solar panels need Rare Earth Metals. China mines 95% of the worlds supply of these. They do not practice environmentally safe mining practices. Water and habitats are destroyed, diesel fuel burned. They are hard to refine and need electricity, so they mine and burn Chinese coal. No clean air controls over there. They must be shipped over, more fuel oils. What may be Green for us at home and make us feel all warm and fuzzy about the green energy we use, may not really be that green. We need to be better educated on what is out there, we need to look at mining the Rare Earth elements in North America, developing better turbines, fuel cells, maybe nuclear energy.Lots of Uranium in MoCo...


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It is illegal in Colorado to intentionally place or distribute feed, salt blocks or other attractants for big-game animals. This problem is mainly associated with deer.

In the winter, deer herds tend to move to lower elevations closer to homes and businesses. Some people may feel the deer do not have adequate food sources in the wintertime and believe that supplementing their diets with grain, corn or hay is helpful. In fact, the contrary is true.

Feeding deer is illegal, and cause harm to the deer. These deer are being feed by the DOW due to an especially severe winter.“People who feed deer do more harm than good,” said Trina Lynch, a district wildlife manager with the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

According to Lynch, there are several reasons why a Colorado law passed in 1992 makes it illegal to feed big game animals. One important reason is that deer are the primary prey of mountain lions. “Concentrating deer by feeding can attract mountain lions well within the city limits. It may become necessary to kill these lions for public safety,” she said.

The normal feeding behavior of big game animals allows them to spread out as they graze or browse. Artificial feeding disrupts that behavior and prompts deer to crowd together in small areas where they are more likely to be chased by dogs and hit by cars.

Deer have a complex digestive system that is not adapted to digest bread and many types of hay. “Habituation to artificial feeds that do not meet their nutritional needs often results in deer that are in poor condition,” explains Bob Davies, a wildlife biologist in Colorado Springs. (Concentrating deer by putting food out can also increase stress on the deer and hasten the spread of disease.)

People who attract deer to their neighborhood also run the risk of damaging their property and their neighbor’s property. “Some people are under the impression that if they supply a food source to the deer it will prevent the deer from damaging their ornamental plants. On the contrary,” said Lynch; “it usually results in greater damage to your plants.” Lynch recommends barriers, repellents and landscaping with native plants as more effective alternatives to prevent deer from causing damage to lawn and garden projects.


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Lets see, Rocks Springs to Craig, via Powder Wash Camp and CR 7 is 141 miles. Rock springs to Powder Wash is 81 miles,via WY 430 south, Craig to Powder Wash on CR 7 is 60 miles. Not sure where you got the 100 miles shorter. I know of 7 guys that live here in Craig and work in Powder Wash. There are also 2 that I know of in Baggs, 44 miles. And some live at the camp. It always amazes me that everyone is, NIMBY, not in my backyard. But they drive the big truck, travel all over to fish, heat with gas, cook with gas, use electricity at home. The 1% rule sounded good to me, set a pad, out of sight. and directional drill off of it.


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There is an EMAIL link. you can Email Vicki Duncan, she can let you know where to find them. Or can Send them to you. I know my wife who is a teacher gets them sent to her after every meeting. They should put them up on the web, I agree on that. I was just trying to show you the email. Did not do it clearly. Sorry


calvinhobbs 6 years, 9 months ago on School board to consider final budget draft today

Right on the district web page, took me 30 seconds.>teacher pages staff directory -->district administration on the top, I bet Vicki Duncan can let you know.


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OK, I do not teach, but know several. Here is the way I see it. Teachers are graded on student performance over three years. Students are supposed to show and improvement. Now here is what does not make sense. This is three sets of completely different kids. How do you hold parents responsible. a good friend is a teacher at CMS, at the last parent teachers conference he had 13 parents show up over the course of two days. So how does a teacher get held accountable, if the parents do not hold kids that way. I believe that teachers need to be held accountable, this is bill just is not the right way. I am proud of the fact that my kids are in the MCSD district. Both are challenged. Both get the help they need, I hold them responsible for their grades, I go to conferences. I am active in my childs education.


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Here are some FACTS FACT- CMS plays all schools smaller than them except maybe Steamboat, They should win, and NO not all CMS team are undefeated. FACT-MCHS is one of the smallest 3A schools FACT-When MCHS makes it to the playoffs and goes to the front range they are playing schools up to 1,000 students bigger. FACT-When MCHS does play these school, they also are competing against kids that live out of district and travel to that school JUST for basketball. Broomfield last year, of 12 varsity players, 6 were out of district. FACT-This man has given his time to these kids for 34 years, summers, vacations, after school. FACT-This has been done with a 3 person staff, most schools have 5-6 coaches per program FACT- My daughter played 4 years for Mort FACT-She did not start all the time FACT-I did not always agree with him FACT-He is demanding FACT- He knows basketball FACT-HE CARES ABOUT KIDS