calvinhobbs 5 years, 4 months ago on What is your opinion of the current state of the Moffat County High School athletics program?

New coaches wow. There was an opening at the middle school for football. Only one applicant. High school girls basketball assistant, 2 applicants. High school boys basketball had just a couple also. How do you get a new staff, they sure do not coach for the money! BAck to the money, that is the important factor with the middle school and who they play. They did get Rifle added this year, the parents stepped up and paid for that game. They had Rawlins WY, Steamboat(2 times) Meeker, then the B teams had SoRoCo and Hayden. The schools in the Grand Valley do not need to play us, they have 15 middle school programs to play. Rifle played us because an ex student is a coach down there and he helped set it up.Now we are looking at another cut in education for the state of up to 90 million. The athletic programs are already self funded. What gets cut next? All programs go through cycles, Bill Yester had bad years and good years. The same for coach Hafey. MCHS, will still be the smallest school in its football classification next year. 600 enrollment playing schools with 1300 kids. As to hockey, if it is added, where is the girls sport for balance so that we do not violate title IX? Where does the money come from for coaches, equipment and supplies? Athletics are just as important to a school as the core classes, fine arts and the social. It builds character and keeps kids interested. It also helps keep them fit, and supplies some with a college education. I know it kept my son motivated with eligibility when he was at MCHS. Athletics are not for all, but if you look up there the kids that are out for athletics also have some of the highest GPA's. The girls basketball has been Academic State Champions the last four years i believe.


calvinhobbs 5 years, 5 months ago on Lieutenant governor makes Craig visit to talk education, literacy

I think she is trying, with her bag of receipts, is to show that she is spending her own money to do her job educating children. Slowing down would be good, but look at what the state expects to be taught in one year. My 8th grader is doing math and science I never saw until high school.


calvinhobbs 5 years, 6 months ago on MCHS volleyball loses to rival Steamboat

Normal for the CDP, very seldom any coverage on the lower levels, usually after season is done. But yet big articles on the Varsity and the Middle School. I have yet to read anything on JV or Freshman football, volleyball, soccer, cross country or golf. Clear up some space for these local programs and forget the professional teams, I have the web for that.


calvinhobbs 5 years, 7 months ago on Congressman: Water a key to economic vitality

Colorado River Basin water law is complicated. Lawyers have made careers arguing it.( If you have a kid that wants to be a lawyer, have them study Colo. River water law). The law essentially states, first to use it has priority, as long as the continue to use it. In a nutshell the compact took the average flow of the river over 3 years, and divided it up. Problem, those three years were abnormally high flow years, with inaccurate measuring devices. The three way division goes this way, 45% upper basin, 45% lower basin, 10% mexico. But order is lower basin gets their 45% first, then upper, then Mexico. Storage does give the basins more to use as it adjusts for the highly diverse flows in the rivers, so more dams, do give you more water. BUT most of the big dams are in the desert areas where evaporation loss is huge! In terms of where most of the upper basin water (Lees Ferry AZ and above) comes from, 36 % on average is from the Green River(Wind River Range and Wasatch) 21% is from the upper Colorado, the original Grand River. The original Colorado River was at the confluence of the Grand and Green. 13% from the Yampa/White basin, a little over 7% from the Gunnison, and just under 21% from the San Juan Basin. The rest is small desert tributaries in Utah. A book that talks about the water in the Southwest is Cadillac Desert. It goes into water law, water use and the history of water in the SW States. Like said above posts, we do not use all of Colorado allotments, the Yampa is under allocated, that is why some have proposed the pumpback units out by Maybell, the Green is also under allocated. The Million Project is looking at taking Green River water that Colorado has a right to out of the Green and pumping it to the front range.


calvinhobbs 5 years, 7 months ago on Geokinetics to perform seismic survey demonstration

Arkansas is not proven by the USGS to be fracking, it is also close to the New Madrid Sesmic zone. The Virginia earthquake of 2011 August 23 occurred as reverse faulting on a north or northeast-striking plane within a previously recognized seismic zone, the "Central Virginia Seismic Zone." The Central Virginia Seismic Zone has produced small and moderate earthquakes since at least the 18th century. The previous largest historical shock from the Central Virginia Seismic Zone occurred in 1875. The 1875 shock occurred before the invention of effective seismographs, but the felt area of the shock suggests that it had a magnitude of about 4.8. The 1875 earthquake shook bricks from chimneys, broke plaster and windows, and overturned furniture at several locations. A magnitude 4.5 earthquake on 2003, December 9, also produced minor damage. Trinidad- The shock of 23 August 2011 occurred as the result of normal faulting, at a shallow depth of focus. The preliminary location, depth, and style of faulting for the 2011 earthquake are very similar to the earthquakes in the previously-cited 2001 swarm. The 2001 swarm did not occur on a mapped geologic fault. The north or north-northeast strike of the causative faults of the largest 2001 and 2011 earthquakes are consistent with the east-west extension that has formed the Rio Grande rift to the west of the epicentral region. The Earth is in continuous motion, over 700 in the US this last week. And that is average. Instead of blogspot try the USGS


calvinhobbs 5 years, 7 months ago on Mineral contract yields $160K for Moffat County

Onewhocares, did you read the article you linked?

Scott Ausbrooks, geohazard supervisor of the Arkansas Geological Survey, said there is as yet no evidence that the wells used for the salt water are having any effect. But the local gas companies are submitting their data to the state, and as earthquakes happen they can be checked against whether a well was running. While it is true that the latest group of earthquakes happened after the wells were on line, a similar event in 1982 happened without any wells being active.

One thing Ausbrooks said should be emphasized is that there is no evidence that the fracturing or "fracking" of natural gas bearing shale has anything to do with the shaking. Fracking is when high-pressure fluid is used to fracture the rock, and draw out more gas. "There is no data to say it's from the hydro fracking process," he said.


calvinhobbs 5 years, 8 months ago on After 34 years on sideline, CMS football coach calls it a career

And how do you propose that the high school program take over the middle school one? Different schools, different budgets, middle school had 80 kids out last year, both 7th and 8th grade teams go undefeated. Now just wait and see how many of those go out for high school football. When last year the high school had NO freshman team and most freshman only played in the JV games for a few plays. My son played at CMS and MCHS, I have had nephews, friends kids, all have been taught key fundementals. Middle school plays local area schools because no one else is willing to play Craig due to travel costs. All the I-70 corridor schools have all the teams they need. So we are stuck with Steamboat, Rangely, Oak Creek, Meeker and Rawlins. Sometimes we can get Grandby. Maybe if you are such an expert, you need to go see the CMS activity director and volunteer your services 5 days a week, plus game days.


calvinhobbs 5 years, 9 months ago on Moffat County athletic director search continuing

Richie did a GREAT job and was slapped down. We had an AD that worked hard to keep the atletics programs at the high school running smoothly. He was respected around the western slope league. And he was doing what he wanted to do, be an AD. Now MCHS will get a principal that does not want to be an AD