brfo 4 years, 8 months ago on Letter: 'Thank you' to the yard sale thief

AJ- If you have a tv in your house, you go to sleep at night, then wake up the next morning to find that someone stole it, who's at fault for the stolen tv? From what I can gather from your previous comments, it would be your fault, right? You didn't take the proper steps to secure your property.

Sure, you locked your door at night and made sure all the windows were shut and secured, but it still got stolen. You could have done so much more to protect it. You could have bolted it to the wall, put in an alarm system, set up an electric fence, and put a pressure sensitive switch under the tv so when it was lifted, poisonous darts flew out from the wall and tranquilized the assailant.

But you didn't, so it's your own fault for your tv getting stolen. The thief- he's not a fault. He just simply noticed that you didn't install the poisonous darts and thought that this meant you were giving your tv away.

If my illustration does not accurately depict your point, please feel free to correct it.