blueButGlad 4 years, 5 months ago on Rosemary Potter: Obama needs to go

Obama needs to go??? Romney should not be let in, I say!

Before u hire a president, check out his references!

if you are even just a little bit open-minded, please consider: Before you hire a President, you should check out his references. What do the people he used to work for (Massachusetts citizens) think of Mitt now?

Please consider the following BEFORE you vote. Don't find out the hard way, after Mitt is governing you, what this guy really is like! That's what Massachusetts did, and now they regret it.

Voting for president is a big responsibility so I think we owe it to ourselves and our nation to consider Mitt's references from the only time he has ever served as an elected official.

Massachusetts knows Mitt, and Mitt will lose his home state in a major way. Mass voted for Reagan (twice) and has a Republican Senator now, but Mitt is one Republican that Massachusetts will not vote for again. Once was enough.

Read about Mitt and Mass, BEFORE you vote. Don't learn about Mitt the hard way! Follow the link below...


blueButGlad 4 years, 6 months ago on John Williams: Facts about Obama

Some facts about Romney. Massachusetts knows Mitt, and Mitt will lose his home state in a major way.

Mitt told a whopper of a lie to win the election to become Mass governor.

Running for president he bragged about his lying to Mass voters

Concerned? You should be. It tells you that you can't believe anything Romney is telling you now as he is trying to win your vote for President. He lied to Massachusetts. You really want to trust this guy?

More on why Mass hates their ex-Gov Mitt: