abecedarian 8 years ago on Full-day kindergarten draws support from principals, administrators

Just for the record... I did not say the following:

"Zach Allen, Sunset Elementary School principal, said if the full-day kindergarten proposal is approved, it would have to be the only option. Allen said district parents would not be able to choose between sending their children to full-day or half-day programs."

It is not and does not have to be the only option.

The next statement does reflect what I said and seems to contradict the previous statement:

"Whether there's a choice between full-day and half-day, tuition is tied together with that choice," Allen said. "That's up to the School Board to consider."

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abecedarian 8 years, 1 month ago on Full steam ahead for full-day kindergarten

Mustang posted some very good questions that were answered at the board meeting, but not in the article. The article wasn't entirely accurate either. I co-presented the full day kindergarten proposal to the board. Many of my quotes were listed as Mr. Bergmann's and Mr. Bergmann's quotes were listed as my own. In addition, the article stated, "that Moffat County currently is the only district in the state that does not offer all-day kindergarten." What Mr. Bergmann actually stated was that MCSD was the only district in Northwest Colorado not to offer all-day kindergarten. I believe that there may still be other districts in Colorado without it, but we have quickly become a very small minority.

Some elements of the funding discussion were missed in the article. We also proposed an option where there would be no cost to parents (at least for 2 years - while we have the federal stimulus funding). We agree with you in that charging tuition and whether or not to offer a choice between full day and half day are tied together. We recommended that the board consider both (as they are tied together) when making their decision.

If charging tuition is the option the board chooses to go with, it was presented that students who qualify for free or reduced lunch would have their tuition waived. It has not been discussed about whether students with special needs would also automatically have their tuition waved. We will need to look into that, if charging tuition is the direction that the board chooses.

There will be additional opportunities to have more of your questions answered before the April board meeting at each elementary school's PAC meetings on April 14th and at a district wide meeting on April 16th.

Zack Allen Principal - Sunset Elementary (970) 826-6505