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From Gallup Polling: "Prior to the Senate's failure to pass the measure, numerous polls showed that roughly nine in 10 Americans favor expanded gun background checks in concept -- a fact that a number of journalists, columnists, and politicians made note of. Gallup's Jan. 19-20 survey, for example, showed that 91% of Americans said they personally would vote for a measure requiring criminal background checks for all gun sales. Gallup asked this question again in the April 22-25 survey and found a slight decline, to 83% support. The wording of the new question was slightly modified from the January asking, which may be responsible for some of the change. But it also may be that the Senate's failure to pass the measure deflated Americans' support for it."


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Fear generated as a result of gun laws in Colorado is just another example of extremist paranoia. Lots of noise about the government doing their job. 90% of Americans support extended background checks and other regulations on gun ownership and elected representatives are following the will of the voters. The county sheriffs that are suing the state are following the will of a vocal minority.


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Exactly what "constitutional rights" have been stripped from us? What has diminished our ability to use guns to defend ourself, hunt, shoot for sport or recreation? The majority of Americans support the kinds of regulations Colorado has passed. The untruths that have surrounded some of our neighbors is seeping into their minds and slowly becoming "fact." I agree with Charlie Brown too. I own a safe full of guns and shooting is a full time avocation. I do not feel one bit threatened by the new legislation. (I am disgusted with the hoarders that are planning for the apocoplypse and are buying huge amounts of ammo and reloading supplies.) The government is not coming for your guns. If you believe differently, show us ONE documented piece of evidence that I am wrong. Not some gibberish about a legislator that said we don't need guns. One piece of documented proof that the government is coming for our guns. Just one.


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The odds that the GOP can take a super majority in the senate, and then be able to muster enough skill to repeal the ACHA are about the same as winning the lottery. Romney, if elected (small probablity) cannot just overturn the ACHA. So Mr. Tipton may be taking a realistic approach to dealing with the health care overhaul. Can you honestly fault him for realism?

The GOP has been really hypocritical by promising to reduce government and budget deficits. The candidates know full well that the liklihood of carrying through with those campaign promises is miniscule, and political suicide.


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Gee! Rosemary needs to learn to do fact checking and use snopes. Passing this kind of tripe off as factual exposes a deep unquestioning belief in dogma.

Does the editor of the Daily Press ever do any fact checking?


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This letter by Mr. Williams is total BS. The editors of the Craig Daily Press need to screen the letters for fact/fiction scores. This scare tactic has been going on for a couple of years. There is no truthful basis for the assertions. Read up for yourself: http://www.snopes.com/politics/guns/untreaty.asp


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Ms. Potter has conveniently cherry picked data to support her contention that Obama Health Care Reform is wicked and expensive.

The Kaiser Foundation data from 2000 to 2009 shows that health insurance costs doubled. Who was in charge in those days?