WrestlinRockies 4 years, 12 months ago on Parks and Wildlife puts down bear sighted in Craig

They should have called on the almighty bear slayer of moffat county to handle this one too..... oh wait, this bear was awake and had a chance....Sorry Richard, guess you will be waiting for another sleeping helpless creature to slay.


WrestlinRockies 5 years ago on U.S. Attorney spokesman: No apology forthcoming for Craig doctor

I have no insider information on this case...I like Joel, I am a patient..but I do have to say I have experience with Federal Investigations and Prosecutions in particular with Drug Offenses.

When you are "of interest" at this level.....

All I can say is, I am really sorry and will hope the best for you.

You are a really good guy and I appreciate the good you have done.

I can suggest a great defense attorney if you send me a message on here.


WrestlinRockies 5 years ago on Department of Justice seizes files from local physician

Ohh Heidi....how I wish I was a woman.

Trust me my dearest...sweetest hearted...ignoramus friend, that I am of the healthiest of the "healthy" of debaters....lace em' honey because I will be going the distance!

I still stand by every letter of my statement and re-enforce with great might....that you are an utter disgrace to whatever profession you grace with your incompetence.

You are so blind of your ignorance and wrong doing that it only further exemplifies that your only qualification is to pat your own back & toot your horn. You are wrong, dead wrong...you should have done your professional duty and intervened if need be..on the Professional level!!!! Not open the window on an online forum for others to see your complete disregard for professional practices, laws, and private affairs.


WrestlinRockies 5 years ago on Department of Justice seizes files from local physician

In Support of Heidi who seems to be about the most informed out of all of us...

To file a complaint about a Pharmacy or Pharmacist in Colorado you may find more information at http://www.dora.state.co.us/reg_investigations/file_complaint.htm or simply by calling 303-894-7897

Here is the Medical Industry Complaint Form http://www.dora.state.co.us/registrations/COMPLAINTFORM_HealthProfessions.pdf

You may not have violated HIPPA... but the great state of Colorado, DORA, and your employer would love to hear how you so freely share private information.


WrestlinRockies 5 years ago on VFW, Craig City Council discuss reopening negotiations

Follow in the footsteps of Nederland, Colorado and what they did with Frozen Dead Guy Days....sell, sell, sell.

Forget all of the bickering and the BS!

Sell it to an interest that will not cause so much opposition and will turn this into some good all the way around.

Half the events that take place down there would be Nationally recognized (under proper direction and management) and bring in ten fold the amount of revenue to the City if they would just sell it off......uh oh, wait...this is Craig and we are stuck in 1972....forget that idea!


WrestlinRockies 5 years ago on Department of Justice seizes files from local physician


First off, lets go ahead and point out the obvious....ONCE A METH ADDICT ALWAYS A METH ADDICT...your Meth head chums would take a drag off a fart if it would get them buzzed....and it makes me sick the sympathy that is given to Meth heads.....This paper has even made "shinning" examples out of many of these idiots (and YES, IDIOTS is the nicest title I could bestow)...which shows how intelligent our local news source is (Meth Sympathy stories from the DP are only second in line to the Teen Mom Stories....real classy editorial work),

Secondly.... You go to a doctor for professional medical advice, to receptively listen to what the doctors knowledge of the situation is...Yes, Knowledge... (you know the stuff I am talking about....shake your head side to side....feel that empty space? that is where most of us store these helpful tidbits) You go in for weight loss...you may get weight loss medications...this is true of any instance you seek medical attention for. YES the doctor needs to advise accordingly on a patient to patient basis.... does he need to accept the responsibility of your junkie Son,Friend,Father or whomever for ABUSING the prescribed medication? No, No, and No....

Going back to our loose lipped friend Miss Heidi......THE REAL DUTY of a Pharmacist (if that is even what you are Heidi and not lying about that too) is to ADVISE on the medications prescribed....Had whomever your meth loving buddy was had the control to once again just say NO...there would not have been an issue.

Quit trying to lay your lazy no good excuses on others.

If you get all hyped up from reading this while munching down diet pills and smoking meth....let me know, i will give you my address and we could "work it out"! ;)


WrestlinRockies 5 years ago on Department of Justice seizes files from local physician

@ Heidi.... you may not have violated HIPPA violations but you are clearly a person who can not be trusted with even the smallest amount of responsibility. If you were my employee (past or present) I would institute a reprimand on you so quickly you would be raising your hand for permission to speak from that day forward.

I do not care "What You Think" you know....your duty as a professional was to act as such and you ma'am are a shining example of why most people can not be trusted.

Bow down for a prayer, donate a canned good...or whatever it is you need to do to make yourself feel better at night when lay your head down to sleep...but note this fact... Being a blatant moron will catch up to you!