Sam Relaford

Sam Relaford 2 years, 4 months ago on Letter: Editorial board got it wrong

The point the editorial boardwas making was that the funding for the training tower was shot down by the public. And the fire district guru decided to spend the money anyway. Our fire fighters are very good. Nobody ever said they were not. I do think there is no reason why we wouldn't be able to use the facility in hayden or rangely. The cost would be extremely less than a million dollar piece of concrete and steel. So my point is that there is a certain protocall that must be followed for this sort of thing. The Fire distric is no exception to that.


Sam Relaford 2 years, 4 months ago on Letter: Keep Craig beautiful

I love the side notes you put in there. I agree with you. I live on the other side of the sand rocks by Kathy Ceasers, I cant spell it , and it is a great place to go and have fun. I am disgusted by people who dont give a rats you know what about other paople who use the area for family fun. Dont let me catch you, who ever you are, dumping up there. Because I will do whatever I have to do to make sure you pay for it!! Jail, fines , law suits! What ever I can think of at the time!!


Sam Relaford 2 years, 4 months ago on Investigation into Thursday bank robbery in Meeker ongoing

Good job Tom George! We need more citizens like you around who are not afraid to become involved in the safety of your community! I hope the city recognizes you for what you did to help catch this loser! Maybe a paid vacation to some place warm huh?


Sam Relaford 2 years, 4 months ago on Editorial: Fire district violated public trust

I completely agree with the editorial board! I wish someone could file a suit to make them uphold the vote we had in 2002. Although it sound like they had already made up their mind what they were going to do wether they lost the vote or not. Obviously I am no Lawyer, but I'm pretty sure there is some kind of law or rule about lying to the public just to get a vote. Doesn't it make the whole ballot invalid? So I say if they build it then let them. We as a community can vote to cut their budget and make it so tight they wont be able to use that money pit.Then remove every member of the fire district board from office because we obviously cant trust them anymore! We need honest, trustworthy people in these positions. People who respect what the people want and need!


Sam Relaford 2 years, 5 months ago on Did the Denver Broncos make the right decision by choosing quarterback Peyton Manning over Tim Tebow?

They said when they brought Manning in that it would bring the Broncos to a hire playing level. They even said it would effect the states economy. If any one man can effect the entire states economy maybe he should run for president! The one thing Tebo did was make football fun to watch again. He always had a smile and treated everybody the way he would like to be treated. He brought his Christianity up front and showed all the fans that you can be a religious person and not have to hide so you dont offend any person who finds religion offensive. And even though there are better quarterbacks in the NFL or the AFL, Tebo was really doing a great job improving his game. I bet he could had had a Superbowl Championship in as little as two years. I wonder if Elway may have had a little jealousy and was afraid Tebo may have been better than he was?? Who knows.... On a side note, Manning had a broken neck all last season. Is he ready to take all the punishment those big linebackers will dish out to him?? I mean the 1965 Chevy Camaro was an awesome 1965. I wouldnt put it up against a 2012 Camaro. If you get my drift.


Sam Relaford 2 years, 5 months ago on Nurse contracted by TMH in Craig arrested for theft

YUP once again the paper is trying to make someone look guilty without a trial!! He was arrested but we dont know why...??!! Why not get the whole story before you put it to print?!

I really hope this guy didnt steal from any patients but if he did...SHAME ON YOU!


Sam Relaford 2 years, 5 months ago on Do you support the Craig Rural Fire Protection District’s plan to build a live fire simulator for training near The Memorial Hospital and Colorado Northwestern Community College in Craig?

I thought I read an article where they wanted to build a fire sub-station out there?? I would be more apt to go along with that because more people are moving out to the west side of town. But I really dont think we need a fire training tower right here in town. The tower in Hayden is only 30 minutes away. It would make more sense to go ahead and pay Routt county a little when they want to train than spend a million dollars on a building to burn every once in a while. And the smoke and smell from the fires would really be a nousance to the people and patients who are in the vicinity of the tower.

Here's an idea... How about taking that property and building more housing for low income families?! Just sayin....


Sam Relaford 2 years, 5 months ago on Moffat County attorney submits resignation

Well triumph.... thats a pretty bold statement to be throwing around. I dont know if its true or not. I just hope you arent opening yourself up for a slander suit. My dad was on the jury and he said the evidence was pretty much what got him convicted. Not what Jeromy Snow told them. He claimed that he killed her because he was scared of her, but she was dead and he continued to mutilate her body and burried her. The wounds were pretty convincing that he intended to kill her. I'm sorry you have so much anger for Jeromy. He is just doing his job like the rest of us.