Sam Relaford

Sam Relaford 2 years, 2 months ago on Thinking About Your Health: Are patients tired of spending too much for health care?

Reading this I had a reality check. Our president decided that all Americans must have health insurance. Most policies I have looked atare very expensive and most of the people I know cannot afford the added strain on their already stretched finances. So why didn't the government go to the hospitals and health care providers and put limits on what they can charge patients?? I recently broke my hand and finger. Not serious but it required a couple x-rays and a cast. $2000 dollars!! For about an hour at the ER! Really!? I understand that some of the modern equipment is very expensive, but to me that doesn't justify putting the screws to the people that rely on the medical proffesionals to stay healthy. In my mind I think that the hospital billing should be redused by at least 50%. Then perhaps people would be more able to pay their bills and not skip out on them. Which is why I am pretty sure why the hospital looses millions of dollars a year .People cannot afford these times of uncertainty an troubles.


Sam Relaford 2 years, 2 months ago on Ask yourself or a loved one to be "through with chew"

When I was younger I smoked 3 packs a day, and used Copenhagen on top of that. When the time came to stop I quit the cigarettes cold turkey and haven't picked one up since. But the chewing has been a struggle. Its been 13 years since I stopped and still have the urge to put a big dip in my lip. I dont know whats in that stuff, but if it can still create such a crave after all these years it cant be good for you.


Sam Relaford 2 years, 2 months ago on Duce Vandivere: Loving small-town feel

I've lived in Craig for 34 years and have never heard anyone talk like that. Except the part where they say go down the street to where that old truck was parked and turn there ...


Sam Relaford 2 years, 11 months ago on How do you feel about local resident Craig Rummel’s proposal of an ordinance to require heads of household in Craig to own rifles?

so you guys think it is okay to tell people that they are required to own a fire arm in there homes? I agree with you brittany.. society is going in the toilet. I hope you enjoy the ride. And I will tell you all something, I dont run down to the courthouse every day to read what kind of ordinance is going in front of the board. I only know whats printed in this rag paper. So if I dont know all the detail why dont you talk to the guy who wrote it up. And if all those exemptions are in that thing , then nothing really changes does it? I dont believe anyone should be allowed to propose any ordinance that conflics with anyones right to choose. Tell your daddy that.


Sam Relaford 2 years, 12 months ago on How do you feel about local resident Craig Rummel’s proposal of an ordinance to require heads of household in Craig to own rifles?

I think this is absolutely ridiculous. There are people that do not want guns in there house and some that are against guns all together. Its called freedom of choice! I think that if someone wants a gun then by all means go get one, just be sure to secure it properly. But to force someone to own a gun? Really!? And how many heads of households have felonies? That ordinance would force hundreds of felons to violate the law. I will not go to prison just to follow some ridiculous city ordinance. For crying out loud people...Think about what your saying before you say something to embarass yourselves!


Sam Relaford 3 years, 10 months ago on Fire training facility to be built on site near Kmart

I think a new emercency response center should be built by the hospital. A big building to house a few fire trucks and a ambulance, perhaps a hazmat responce vehicle. It is where 2 highways come together plus the bipass to hwy 13 N. There could be a response several minutes faster from there than in town.

Having the training tower built behind Kmart is better on one hand because it wont be standing out like a sore thumb and wont interfere with the daily activities of the comunity. And it has its short falls such as the smoke David mentioned. However the fire board director stated over and over that the use materials that dont create hazardous or toxic smoke. So I guess pick your evil. I say build it if you absolutely need it. We'll see about the smoke if it happens I guess.


Sam Relaford 3 years, 10 months ago on Letter: Hospital should be allocated empty land

A million dollar bucket truck!! OMG thats a good one. Can I use that one? I agree . They want it right out there so they can say... look what we have! Wait a minute...Do you mean they want to spend a million dollars on a fire truck with a bucket on it?? I missed that one. Lets see, I driver through hayden every day to and from work. On a bad day it takes 25 minutes to get to Craig. The trucks are already here and I have seen it take 30 minutes from Yampa Ave. And for god sake dont call the cops. Last time I did it took 45 minutes for an officer to show up.


Sam Relaford 3 years, 10 months ago on CNCC opts out of fire district land transfer

They'll shoot themselves in the foot?! C'mon Man... They can still have the courses. It would be detrimental for the fire house not to let them use it. They need to support the community to continue to recieve their funding. If they said, no its my toy and you cant use it, alot of people would be really angry.

So why not build on the south side of town. The fire department still gets their training and we dont have to see that big black mess all the time. Works for me.