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2 transported after rollover accident west of Craig November 27, 2015

Sam Relaford

Sam Relaford 1 year ago on Sheriff's Office thinks woman possibly was stopped by phony cop

I have heard on the news radio while in Utah that there is a big rise in police impersonators out there. The Utah state patrol made a statement that it is not illegal to ask for an officer to show his credentials through a a slit in your window. Or if you have any doubts if it is a real cop to call dispatch to verify its not a fake cop. A legit officer wont hesitate to provide either a badge, if its a plain close officer, or a business card giving name and badge number on it. You can turn on your 4 way flashers to signal you see them and either drive to the nearest police station if your close enough or drive to a well lit area before you stop. I hope they catch whoever is doing this. Last thing we all need is to have a fear of anyone in a police uniform or police vehicle.


Sam Relaford 1 year ago on Neighborhood residents feel blue about noise levels

Dont you have to have some kind of permit to even purchase any kind of explosive besides fireworks? I personally have never heard of exploding targets before today except on those reality tv shows. I guess my question is why would anyone need to blow stuff up? I can understand why the neighbors would be nervous with gunshots and explosions going off in close proximity to their homes. I lived out in the country for 16 years before I went into the military and enjoyed the freedom of being able to do whatever my heart desired, within the bounds of the law. Maybe that guy will be willing to show his neighbors that he is being safe and responsible with his fire arms... proper backstops and safe direction of shooting...ect I'm pretty sure the trucks going through Blue mountain at 70 mph with their jake breaks on and loud mufflers make more noise than one guy with a gun. Since truck traffic is pretty heave 24/7 along hwy 40. I am happy to see that there are willing to work it out amongst themselves without tying up the courts. Hope it all works out for you all.


Sam Relaford 1 year, 8 months ago on Loudy-Simpson Park Pond reaches new depths

I drove by there yesterday and it looks great. Looking forward to having some fun fishing with the grandkids!!


Sam Relaford 1 year, 9 months ago on Maybell resident advocates to overturn the ban against Moffat County pot shops

I agree! People used pot long before anyone every decided to make it legal. So whats going to stop them now? I think pot isn't any more different than achohol. You just need to use it responsibly , just like booze. Heck I used pot for a long time after my back was hurt in a auto accident ,and it helped me through the pain so I could sleep at night . I never wanted to start using stronger more dangerous drugs.I stopped using about 13 years ago and have no adverse side effects. So stop plugging up our courts with this and start focusing on the crimes that really hurt people. If you dont agree with smoking weed, then don't do it! Nobdy makes you smoke cigarettes or drink booze do they? How is this any different?


Sam Relaford 1 year, 9 months ago on Thinking About Your Health: Are patients tired of spending too much for health care?

Ok so a 50 % cut in all areas may be too much. But you have to admit that there are alot,ALOT, of things that are very over priced at our hospital. Like te cost of oral medications if you are an inpatient or the cost of a simple diagnosis at the ER. I undertand if a person comes in with severe injuries or illnes that it does ost alot to help them. My point way that I feel that more could be done on the billing end to help with the cost as well as the patien end. I dont understand why it is so difficult for people like me to obtain insurance coverage. I make too much money to qualify for any type of aide but not enough to afford theost o a $300 a month insurance premium. I recently aplid for insurance coverage and was told it could take up to 45 days before I even know what kind of insurance I would qualify for. :(


Sam Relaford 1 year, 9 months ago on KC Hume, operations chief for Moffat County Sheriff's office, to run for Sheriff

I have known KC for a long time. Unfortunately ,I met him while taking a vacation in the local gray bar hotel. He has always been fair and very professional every time I have had any interactions with him. I believe he would make a good Sherriff for our county. I was just wondering if he will have to resign from the fire department if he becomes elected Sherriff??


Sam Relaford 1 year, 9 months ago on What kind of new restaurant would you like to see open in Craig?

I would really love to see some new restaurants come to town that don't involve a drive through or tollerating a bar full of drinking fools where I can take my wife and have a nice pieceful meal at a decent price.