TheBaronGray 4 years, 6 months ago on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Truths and misconceptions about the Mormon faith

I get really confused and somewhat irritated by people who tell me that I am not a Christian because I do not subscribe to their beliefs about Christianity. The fact that I do not agree with them is obviously why I am not a member of their church. I personally support a football team on the basis of where I was born. My sons were born in a city 14 miles from my home town and support the team from the city they were born in. We both think that our team is the best. This does not change the fact that football is a game of which we are both fans. It seems to me that those who insist I am not a Christian are of the same mindset as those who argue their football team is the only real football team and the best based on nothing but their own interpretation of the facts. Both comments are inherently ridiculous.

Arguing that Christians have always believed in saving by grace only without good works is in error. Check the history of Christianity and you will find that it was Martin Luther who first insisted that this is the correct principle. Therefore, all those before Luther who disagreed with him - all Catholics of any variation included are not Christian. Almost all of the church Fathers of the second century disagree with the concept. As Jesus never said that it was by grace alone and showed and taught that good works were necessary, then surely we must be arguing for Him not being Christian.