Tasha 4 years, 9 months ago on Letter: Softball teams treated unfairly

Glad to here your child got a brake mine did not, maybe for you this was ok but i dont approve of it. My point is treat the girls with just as much respect as the boys team.They deserve it just as much.They play just as hard as them. Its just as competitive as any other sports.All i wanted is for my kids to have fun and enjoy what they do but how do you have fun when your sick from heat,dont get to eat,have blisters all over your feet,and dont get hardly enough time to potty.Wheres the fun in that.If it was my choice my kids would not play for parks and rec again. But they love it and I wont take it away from them.If it didnt get ruined for them....And maybe with some planning I could do it better...REALLY JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS WOULD HAVE MADE IT BETTER...