TMHNOWAY 4 years ago on Rose White: Change needed at TMH

I just came across this letter. I wish I had seen it sooner. Rose may have been one of my patients but if not I can certainly relate to what she is saying, especially about Jennifer Riley. I can also relate to the comment above. I am a former employee and I reported a problem with some exposed electrical wiring in the emergency room. It took over a month to fix it. There were also numerous occasions where lifesaving equipment was out of order and we just had to wing it and do the best we could. There certainly are a lot of people who think TMH is the best thing Craig has going for it but it also speaks volumes when many people I speak with tell me they would rather drive 80 miles round-trip to Steamboat. I agree with the comment above that says our County Commissioners should be monitoring TMH more closely. This is literally a life and death issue.


TMHNOWAY 4 years, 2 months ago on Don and Judy Laib: Teaching of the Quran

Just wanted to say it's great to live in a town where the majority of people are educated and compassionate!

I believe it is the height of Blasphemy to to say that you KNOW what God's wishes are or even if he.she exists.

Nobody knows what happens when we die except perhaps those who have already died.

If you think all Muslims are terrorists you have never had the privilege to spend time winy any as I have.