THAMLIN11 4 years, 9 months ago on Letter: In defense of the softball tournament

To some degree I agree with this letter, no breaks for eating or using the restroom and being rushed just because the umpire is tired and ready to be done? The girls that lost their first games did not have ONE single break the entire rest of the night, the Champions of both age groups got a least an hours break to eat use the restroom and just relax, how fair is that, lack of planning was the cause of the 9 hours straight ball play for the losing teams. There could of been breaks added in or even made this a two day tournament for that matter to give ALL the hard playing girls some rest time. I have been to many sports functions in my life and never have I seen a team that didn't get a 30 minute to an hour break at one point or another. Hopefully next year Craig Parks and Rec can better plan out the year end tournament!