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SorocoSupporter Yampa Valley Tire Pros & Express Lube

I visited the Yampa Valley Express Lube on Tuesday May 28th, 2013. I arrived at about 3:10 and my car was in the facility by 3:15. As I exited the vehicle with my daughters I asked if they could vacuum the backseat floor area as well. I was told “no problem.” We proceeded to the waiting area. After waiting about 10 minutes a technician approached me and said I needed a new air filter. I agreed. The technician failed to mention that that would mean this service would take over an hour. Apparently they do not keep air filters in stock (!) and needed NAPA auto to deliver them on demand?! After waiting with other customers (one who had already been waiting over an hour as well and whose oil change never happened because the technicians couldn’t figure out what oil filter her BRAND NEW car needed- it didn’t need an oil filter by the way, just the employees racking up her tab) and watching the technicians stand around literally doing nothing (except talking to each other and on their cell phones) one finally went across the street and got the air filter. It took him less than five minutes. At this point it had been almost an hour, and I was now late getting my daughter to soccer practice. I expressed my dismay and frustration to the technician checking me out and when I finally got in the car the backseat floor area had NOT been vacuumed. I waited for over an hour for something that should take no more than 20 minutes and they couldn’t even vacuum my car!? As they stood around and socialized!? On top of it all my daughter was 20 minutes late to soccer and missed her team photo. I am NEVER late for activities or work, and felt that 45 minutes should’ve been more than enough time for an oil change. In fact 45 minutes would have been excessive and I waited for over an hour. Unacceptable. I do not plan on returning to this facility. I will wait until I am in the city and pay a fraction of the cost and spend the appropriate amount of time to get my oil changed. To top this all off I wrote this review as a private comment on their website and no one has responded. So public it will be. THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE.

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