Shaun Hadley

Shaun Hadley 3 weeks, 2 days ago on Craig Fire Board discusses Fourth of July fireworks

I'm curious, how many years do you think I have left? I mean, I've been using cannabis for about 12 years now, so according to you, it takes about 14 years before I go crazy and incontinent?


Shaun Hadley 3 weeks, 3 days ago on Craig Fire Board discusses Fourth of July fireworks

Thrilled, actually. I've ran a successful cannabis business for almost six years, raised two brilliant young boys, and used cannabis on a daily basis the entire time. I am a walking contradiction of everything you've said. When you have some fact to back up your claims, I am more than happy to enter into a productive discussion with you. Until then, I'll continue to live my fantasy, because you are very right sir - I have made my dreams come true.


Shaun Hadley 3 weeks, 5 days ago on Craig Fire Board discusses Fourth of July fireworks

People have been driving to Steamboat for their cannabis since January 2014, and there's been no noticable increase in DUI cases involoving cannabis along that particular stretch of highway 40. As a matter of fact, cannabis related offenses on HWY 40 fell drastically after legalization. Strike two - try again.


Shaun Hadley 3 weeks, 6 days ago on Craig Fire Board discusses Fourth of July fireworks

I'd like to see you cite your sources for your opinions. I'm a fan of fact.

And even if that is true, that stoned drivers are pin balling around the roadways, murdering families, and smashing through coffee shop windows, why then, would you want them to have to drive to Steamboat to purchase cannabis? If it really is so dangerous (which it really isn'y - sorry) then would it not make sense to give people a local option? Legal marijuana is here whether you like it or not. You can cry and scream and kick all you want, but 45 minutes away, there are THREE recreational cannabis stores, and they are not going away, ever.


Shaun Hadley 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Would you support the school district financially in the form of a mill levy if the state fails to provide financial help this legislative session?

Don't you live in California, Dennis? What's with this "we" stuff? You don't vote here. You don't even live here, yet, you have comments and opinions on almost every piece of news on this site. Many of them are things that do not, and probably will not ever affect you in any direct way. I don't really understand it.


Shaun Hadley 10 months ago on Pot cultivation question to appear on Moffat County ballot — retail option not included

You made it personal, when you mentioned my physical appearance. I made it personal by pointing out the fact that, although you're very, very old and very, very wise, you are still entirely incapable of constructing a paragraph.

I'll see you when you retire, Good sir! Thanks for the fun.