Shaun Hadley

Shaun Hadley 6 months, 1 week ago on John Pogline: No pot in Craig!

To clarify, the people of Craig have never voted on this issue. Moffat County did, and the outcome of that particular vote would not have allowed Marijuana in Craig or affected the laws within Craig anyway. It's unfortunate that many people will now read this letter, and think that Craig voted on this at some point, which is not true.


Shaun Hadley 7 months ago on Craig City Council discusses tax increase

Or, allow recreational Cannabis, and let the tourists pay the extra taxes instead of local resident who are already feeling the financial pressure of a poor economy. The city could even add an additional tax to Cannabis to generate more funds, and avoid taxing locals further.


Shaun Hadley 7 months, 1 week ago on Do you think Moffat County is doing a good job working toward diversifying its economy?

Two of the current city council members voted to shut down my business during my last licensing renewal meetings for no other reason than personal bias. This was moments after they spent a full hour discussing ways to open and support businesses with their hired consultants. They were completely on board with closing down yet another business in Craig. Kent Nelson and Tony Bohrer are not for the continued economic growth of Craig outside of their narrow vision, and sit on the council simply to promote their own agendas. We need a new city council who understands the little guys. This council is completely out of touch with the regular people around Craig. I'm worried for my kids generation in this town. I see no future here for them outside of a service industry job, and underground coal mining.


Shaun Hadley 1 year, 7 months ago on Craig Fire Board discusses Fourth of July fireworks

I'm curious, how many years do you think I have left? I mean, I've been using cannabis for about 12 years now, so according to you, it takes about 14 years before I go crazy and incontinent?