Sage_Sam 7 years, 6 months ago on Steve Andrew: Commission cheap shot

So because Moffat County has traditionally had extractive resource industry, it is then okay to go a lease our park? This argument is completely specious and shallow. Loudy-Simpson is an amazing resource to our community, providing amenities that everyone can enjoy. To call Mr. Morris a "hypocrite" for raising the alarm that the Commission's decision to lease one of our community's jewels as a shortsighted decision is downright ridiculous and senseless.

It is our duty as citizens to analyze, question---and when deserving---actively oppose the decisions of our elected officials. They work for us---the citizens and to denigrate someone for actively engaging in our democracy via an ad-hominem attack reeks of the pattern of continued suppression of alternate ideas and ideals that has been a hallmark of our community for too long.

We can only cling to the familiar for so long, at some point we need to begin planning for a future without the coal mines and power plant (let's be honest, oil and gas development has a negligible economic impact here in terms of jobs and direct economic impacts, pipelines provide tax revenue and that's about it). In order to attract and retain business and innovative and motivated individuals, we need to be able to provide some amenities, amenities like Loudy-Simpson. We cannot continue to mortgage our future for a few trinkets today, less we place ourselves and our children in a position of failure 30 years on down the road.


Sage_Sam 8 years, 8 months ago on Moffat County rancher Rodney Culverwell begins his jury trial Monday on charges of poaching elk on his property. He contends he was protecting his property. What do you believe the trial's outcome should be?

I would just like to say that I think this question is completely inappropriate. Asking uninformed people to opine about an ongoing legal case is irresponsible. No one posting here should know all the facts of the case, therefore any opinions given are uninformed and specious. We are talking about a man's life here, trivializing it is asinine and downright sickening. It just furthers the debasing and obtrsive nature of our culture. Whatever happened to minding your own business?

Let the legal system run its course and report on it. Leave the sensationlistic punditry to Fox News and other disreputable media outlets.


Sage_Sam 8 years, 8 months ago on Patrick Wayne Germond: Wanting no liberal help

Patrick- Is it even possible for you to make credible and cogent arguements? You addressed none of the points that Rick brought up in his informed and obviously researched letter to the editor or even made any point that wasn't just mindless rhetoric. Name-calling and partisan talking points should be reserved for the television talking heads that don't know nothing about the issues.

You ain't leading son, you're just stepping on toes and making a fool of yourself while the band plays on.


Sage_Sam 8 years, 9 months ago on Patrick Wayne Germond: Not a reasonable stance

I'm just glad that Patrick never lets facts, rationale or reason ever get in the way of his partisan rambings.


Sage_Sam 8 years, 11 months ago on Patrick Germond: Light at end of tunnel

Wow. Just wow. Not a SINGLE thing in either part of these letters made any sense whatsoever. Granted I am just a liberal environmental fascist, but I had no idea that Ritter did anything to save an imaginary animal here in NW Colorado ("spotted prairie chicken?"). I hope the Governor moves on to saving the Unicorns of Vermillion Basin, the Giant-Backstrapped Mule Deer of Great Divide (Odocoileus scrumptous) and especially the leprechaun's that obviously inhabit Mr. Germond's mind.

Oops, I better go, I'm once again drooling all over myelf due to my lack of intelligence and my obvious love of "Big Weed." Keep up the good work Patrick!


Sage_Sam 8 years, 12 months ago on Our view: Supply and demand

I believe that foreclosure sales require that the buyer pay the entire cost, at the time of purchase, in cash.

That's why you don't see regular folks buying them upm just the real estate folks.


Sage_Sam 9 years ago on Right to disagree

The folks out off HWY 394 should just be happy that the County didnt lease out there land from under them for oil and gas.


Sage_Sam 9 years, 2 months ago on Riley O'Leary: Pollution in our world

I've got to applaud this young person for thinking about the future and issues much bigger than most 10 year-olds ever even consider.

Maybe the future still is bright after all.