OneFly 3 years, 9 months ago on Katie Grobe: We can find freedom in Christ

misterkindbuds knocks it outta the park. Yes there is no finger snapper. But it's the religiously insane in this country that control the dialog to all of our misfortune. You betcha!


OneFly 5 years, 7 months ago on Dinosaur Town Council, Ute tribe exploring casino project agreement

Don't allow this! A golf course would go broke and there aren't enough to sustain a casino. Yes there's not much revenue being generated and the economy sucks but what is out there is the best of Americana. This is the last place there should a gambling venue.

Start and promote a service that guides people that tells the many incredible storys of the area. There are weeks worth of adventure in this area for a variety of interests. Dinosaur National Monument for starters and Rangely with its petroglyphs and of course Browns Park with its more than just rich western history.

Find some fun outside rather than an atmosphere of unrealistic expectations of wealth that will never be fulfilled.

Promote the outdoors and the richness of the area rather than false nonsense.

Stop the damn dollars from rolling around in your eyes people and choose reality instead.

Oh My! I forgot - most Americans don't care for those things and would rather sit in front of a tube for that kind of reality or a ding ding machine that they willingly throw their money into.


OneFly 5 years, 9 months ago on Man carries cross through Craig, across country

I'm very happy that they didn't get me.

There needs to be a law against parents breaking a childs mind forever with pure rubbish.

I belong to the only true church-


OneFly 5 years, 9 months ago on Man carries cross through Craig, across country

Religiously insane people do absurd things because - - - they are not not quite right and then publications such as this give them credibility where there is none.

There is no finger snapper in the clouds.


OneFly 5 years, 10 months ago on Livestock, marijuana highlight reports at Craig City Council meeting

A huge part of this "problem" are those who said and think there are problems.

When I read this early this morning I was shaking my head. RATS?? Who is this Willem's fellow. And you guys are talking about image.

We'll see where this goes but as is my business will think hard about how much money it spends in Craig Amerika.


OneFly 6 years ago on Lakewood suspect with Craig ties found dead

Well Andy and Scott - do you think you could let your readers know where this man offed himself?? Was it perhaps in Wyoming or could it be in southern New Mexico or someplace in between or what!