Cris French

Cris French 5 years, 1 month ago on Do you support the Craig Rural Fire Protection District’s plan to build a live fire simulator for training near The Memorial Hospital and Colorado Northwestern Community College in Craig?

Training is great for the fire department and I believe thay are good at what they do. The location of the propossed training tower at the Craig college campus brings up a few question. Most training towers are not build on a campus or near residential areas, they are off campus locations and not near rersidential area's, why build it hear on the new campus in Craig? Is this an attempt to expand the Craig campus to include fire training?

I do not want a fire tower built near the Craig Campus. The EPA would side against building it due to the little pollution it would emitt during training. Remember you have a new Hospital up there as well.I feel that the fire department can travel to Hayden. If they need a new facility, how about locating it away from the town and expand the Craig Campus to include your fire training to get college credits towards a degree. Let's make the right desision and not rush into anything.