MetalDead 3 years, 2 months ago on M2: Craig sixth-grader Alicea Diedrich never ceases to amaze

I find nothing embarrassing about what I said, I simply stated my opinion upon my ever-receding faith in the Press' credibility. I am in no way insulting Alicea in any way, just pointing out the fact that more deserving children get snubbed of this opportunity. Your daughter is indeed extraordinary as you let her wear makeup and drool over boys when she is only in the 6th grade. I find it laughable you talking about parenting in light of your seemingly absent place in keeping your kids in line. Besides that fact, if indeed Alicea is a genius, why should only she get an article? I am aware of several children that are indubitably on the genius level in this district, even in the same grade as Alicea, yet get no recognition. I find it hard to believe the press contacted them, giving me the assumption that the family contacted the Press. I was always taught to try your best, but be humble about it. I never needed forced praise from the masses for my accomplishments.


MetalDead 3 years, 3 months ago on M2: Craig sixth-grader Alicea Diedrich never ceases to amaze

This seems nothing more than an extended session of bragging. I see absolutely no news-worthy accomplishments or events featured in this article. It is clearly evident that the mother contacted the Press for the sheer reason of bragging about her daughter. The best part is that the child doesn't seem extraordinary at all. I haven't come across any aspects of the child's life that seem special, or even remotely incredible. Even the kid's fact about air in a flute compared to a tuba is incorrect. Coming from someone with extensive experience in music, and classical orchestra, that is simply not true. Once again, the Craig Daily Press falls into overly-proud parents living vicariously through their children. I am slowly losing respect for the press.