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Btw i will give you this argument

Maybe one of the reasons Sex offender re-offending rates are so low is because of the hundreds of thousands of people being drug into it that don't need to be sex offenders?

if we took all the younger people out of it that got caught up in this crazy witch hunt, took all the young men lied to by women for there ages, took out all the people caught in the Crimes against nature laws, took out all the people who did minor things wrong and left only true rapists and people that prey on small children the # for re-offending might be reported much larger?

its like you have a bucket of extremely toxic waste (rapists serial killers or what have you) and then dump it in a lake. the effects of such toxic waste are so diluted you no longer see the danger?

Until we reform the sex offender laws take all these crazy nonsense stupid things off the list we wont really know.

But that wont happen until you people learn to stop being scared and tell your voted in politicians that you want change because until then any senator or congressman that votes for logic is political suicide.

they just keep passing knee jerk reactions to everything and most of it is unconstitutional and costing YOU the tax payer millions of dollars to set up the laws and then to defend them in court and THEN redo the laws and the cycle continues all because they are afraid to look bad come elections.


Memnoch127 5 years, 1 month ago on Opinion: Let he without sin cast the first stone

and when you zero to add about anything ive said other than now insults it really hurts your credibility and your ability to discuss anything other than reverting to kindergarten tactics you will say i have koodies or something

Ive posted multiple links by professionals listed state by state Mr brian

if anybody here is peddling lies please check out the links and if you want to call every state in the nations findings lies then ok i guess you can live in that world

But for anybody who doesnt want to live in that world please feel free to read for yourself its all government supported Data

and you still have missed my point on how easy it is to become a sex offender in todays Society and how its ruining lives and people that NEVER hurt a child at all

but i guess you will just skip that part and go straight to attacking because you've run out of things to say


Memnoch127 5 years, 1 month ago on Opinion: Let he without sin cast the first stone

btw if you want to check out recidivism rate state by state please go look here and it gives you links state by state of there own findings and reports

Recidivism study from New York for 2006 ex-offenders shows a 0.03% recidivism rate, despite the continual lies of high recidivism rates

Its all there all the math done for you state by state on there states own websites

Nothing has been fabricated nothing has been added as personal opinion or random #s thrown in So please i encourage you all to go check out the findings for yourself


Memnoch127 5 years, 1 month ago on Opinion: Let he without sin cast the first stone

sorry SMall towner i have to say your math is wrong

here go to this link its by the Bureau of Justice Statistics this is not my opinion at all and this is the math actual experts have come up with

scroll down to page 8 "recidivism rate for a new sex crime Of the 9,691 released sex offenders, 3.5% (339 of the 9,691) were reconvicted for a sex crime within the 3 year followup period"

24% for any type of new crime all together which could be anything from stealing to killing somebody

Also studies have proven the longer a sex offender can go in life with a stable structure around him or her the rate goes even lower if reoffending (meaning not being harrased by people attacking them and hounding them).

But this really wasnt my main point my main point was all the ways people become sex offenders that have nothing to do with rape, violence, or small children and im atleast glad you read that part and understood it

the laws of this country need to be changed tooo many people are being sucked into this nightmare and lives destroyed because people want to make money and or Votes off it by scaring the public into todays boogeyman the sex offender

The "Only" people that belong on any sort of registry are violent rapists and people that prey on small children and even then it should be left to a courts decision depending on the situation to place somebody on a registry (to prevent the cases of 6 year olds on the registry).


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and how is stating actual facts wrong??

Ranger if you missed it NOT ALL sex offenders are after kids or raped anybody!!!!!

Sounds to me Ranger520 is a fear monger who has a blood thirsty mind and would sooner just kill anybody and everybody without any rational thinking involved.

Ranger tomorrow morning you could wake up and somebody you had an argument with or an ex girlfriend or whatever (i dont know your situation so im just giving you an example) could point a finger at you and accuse you with no facts whats so ever.

You will be arrested your face will appear in news paper and may even make the evening news depending on if its a slow news day in your town or not.

Prosecutors will then make your life hell you will lose your job, friends, everything pretty much and you will have people out there like some of you calling for your death.

Even after you have cleared your name the girl could go back and say "i made it all up" and you could have evidence of all of this and its already to late your reputation has been ruined OR in some instances the state decides to press charges anyways and depending on the jury you could wind up a sex offender

All it takes is 1 finger pointer today and honestly i hope nothing like this ever happens to you or any of the other ways i have described you can become a sex offender involving no children or hurting anybody


Memnoch127 5 years, 1 month ago on Opinion: Let he without sin cast the first stone

oh one quick thing im in no way defending a guy whos like 40 years old that goes and rapes an 8 year old or something to that effect

what i am defending is 100's of thousands of people caught up in this nightmare witch hunt in today's Society that arent after little children however are caught up in these laws

lives are being ruined by people who stated all sex offenders should be killed and by the media and politicians looking to incite fear to get votes

Im defending the children of these people who are bullied in school because there parent has been ostracized for some mistake he might of done as a young adult. Im defending the parents who have gotten their children taken away from finger pointers looking to gain something out of untrue statements and im defending your children from being caught up in these horrible laws in the future themselves

it needs to stop and their needs to be change


Memnoch127 5 years, 1 month ago on Opinion: Let he without sin cast the first stone

Further more here is a list state by state and study by study of sex offender recidivism rates done by the state and not opinions

READ UP ON THE FACTS!!! not lies spread by the news and politicians and fear mongering


Memnoch127 5 years, 1 month ago on Opinion: Let he without sin cast the first stone

also btw if you READ what i wrote NOT ALL SEX OFFENDERS ARE AFTER KIDS!!!!!!!!

i listed multiple ways you or your own kids can become a sex offender that has NOTHING to do with harming children

If anything i hope it opens your eyes before this damaged you or your own family


Memnoch127 5 years, 1 month ago on Opinion: Let he without sin cast the first stone

No i am stating the truth and to put an end to fear mongering by you people and lies built up

there is currently close to 800,000 registered sex offenders in the USA closing in 1 million mark with 10,000 or more added each year

94% of all new sex crimes are committed by people NOT on the sex offender registry

I guess you refused to even read what i posted how easy it is to become a sex offender as well

Fact of the matter is YOU are more likely to BECOME a sex offender along with your children than be harmed by one already on the list


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oh yeah forgot around 70% of your grandparents should all be back labeled as well because it was very common back in the day for young men to date teenage girls and marry them

So we might as well go and wipe out those sneaky elderly as well