McGruber 7 years ago on Patrick Wayne Germond: Tea Party amazing

Greystone, Pretty much agree with you on your point. Although I am not sure how it really relates to a taking away of our freedoms? I can vote for anyone I want to. I believe we get the government we deserve.

The problem, as you state, is the pool of candidates (who we keep reelecting). It is almost impossible to run for any public office in this country without having a small fortune or knowing the right people with money.

I believe the only way out of this is to have substantial campaign and election reform and term limits. Elections should all be financed through modest public funding. It should be allocated fairly to all candidates that are interested in running. Now there would obviously have to be some restrictions maybe allocations based on numbers of supporters.

The funds that candidates can receive directly from corporations, PACS, unions, ect.. should be banned. I have no problem with groups lobbying for particular candidates outside of official campaigns (First Amendment). Although, they should have to clearly state who they are and who they are supporting and why. Take for example the current commercials running against Jane Norton. They are paid for by groups from outside Colorado but that is not stated anywhere in the ad which is misleading to the extreme (I am not a Jane Norton supporter).

Hopefully these kinds of reforms would eliminate some of the IOUs politicians constantly have to issue in order to get reelected.

I also think we should have some severe term limits set up. This would help focus politicians on policy rather than politics.

President- 1 5 or 6 year term Senators 2 5 year terms Reps 4 3 year terms

My two cents but I do not think it will happen unless the citizens of this country become more involved and educated on the issues. People are too caught up in the us versed them mentality. This is certainly stoked by the media but we dont have to believe everything we hear.


McGruber 7 years, 1 month ago on Vermillion Basin considered for wilderness designation

Federal Lands belong to the citizens of the entire country. They do not belong to Colorado, Moffat County, or oil and gas companies. The vast majority of people in this country support the creation of wilderness areas (a tiny percentage of public lands). Do you not believe in democracy or representative government?

Why should my tax dollars go to subsidizing Oil and gas companies that have posted record profits in the last few years? They already have leases that they do not use?

I understand that these activities provide much needed employment for local economies but the fact of the matter is that energy development jobs are dependent on what is going on in the world energy market not by the availability of areas to drill in.


McGruber 7 years, 1 month ago on Marla Jackson: Open to interpretation

There is no god, no santa claus and no easter bunny. Big Foot might be real... Get over yourself and treat other people with respect and mind your own business.