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Marilynn Hill 7 years ago on Craig resident Leland Reinier, middle, accepts the award for Chapter of the Year from Safari Club In

Congratulations! What a great accomplishment. I was so excited to read about the joint venture with the VA and getting special permits to allow our veterans to fully participate. Thank you!


Marilynn Hill 7 years ago on Hayden boys lead the way as county hoops teams play for state

Congratulations and great job everyone! Great to celebrate the victory at hand, but as always, there is another challenge awaiting these well prepared kids and their coaches. Also a big kudos goes out to all the parents, you truly are the backbone that makes this all work.


Marilynn Hill 7 years ago on Drew Morris: Teaching regional appreciation

Thank you for all you do and your willingness to breathe life into history. Yours life is a great story and I thank you for the wonderful example that you are setting for our kids. Truly your journey is that of a curious and intelligent young man who is finding his way; in some ways, traveling full circle, and yet still broadening your life story at the same time. Enjoy the cold Drew, for springtime is just around the corner for those of us who enjoy a bit more of the green part of Mom Nature's cycle! Be well.


Marilynn Hill 7 years ago on MCHS Speech and Debate takes team trophy for 3rd year in a row

Wow, three years in a row. Wonderful job to all the students and a big thank you to Coach Eric Hansen in working so hard and giving your time to the students.


Marilynn Hill 7 years ago on MCTA director search down to 2 applicants

I would like to make a one time statement, as I am one of the two finalists being considered for the position of Director for the Moffat County Tourism Association (MCTA). There seems to be a number of derogatory comments made about Mrs. Villard, the process and specific board members. I believe it is unfortunate that these comments would be placed so as to possibly try to derail the hiring process. While I don’t know Mrs. Villard personally, I have met her on a number of occasions, albeit only briefly and she has always presented herself in a professional manner. I believe Mrs. Villard has only the best intentions in applying for the position and want to thank her for time she gives back to the community.

In my professional opinion, the interviews were conducted in a professional manner, with timely and pointed questions asked of the applicants. All communications from the board and MOCO have been professional and related to the process itself. With my limited knowledge, it was not the board who published who the finalists where, and therefore the decision to disclose the names of finalists before the hiring discussion took place on February 25th, was solely the decision of the Craig Daily Press. I too found out that I was one of two finalists through electronic media; however, I have not been contacted by the author, Brian Smith.

On a personal note, I am a fourth generation Coloradoan, with my family coming to the Colorado Territory in 1862 and 1867, respectively. My father’s family founded Sanford, Colorado, which still thrives in the San Luis Valley and my mother’s family co-founded a small town, Mustang, which was located in the vicinity of Pueblo, Colorado in 1867, but like many small towns of the day, disappeared into the landscape of time. I may not be from Craig, but like Mrs. Villard, I am proud of the heritage of Colorado and proud to be a descendant of the strong men and women who helped shape Colorado. If anyone should like to ask questions regarding my professional qualifications, I would be happy to answer them, just email me or call me at the number below. However, I would like to request that questions pertaining to the interview process by the board or MOCO, be held until after the hiring decision has been made.

If you have questions of the MCTA board pertaining to the vision and/or its many programs, I would encourage you to contact the board members either individually or attend one of the meetings that are held within the community. If you would like to find out about upcoming events within the county, paste into your browser: and scroll to the bottom section, “Upcoming Moffat County Events” and click on the link that says, “Click here for a full listing of Moffat County's annual events!” By the way, it is a PDF file and therefore you can download it onto your desktop and keep it handy for future reference!

Thank you, Marilynn Hill 970-980-8406