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UTV accident kills 9-year-old boy April 27, 2015

Myranda Lyons

Myranda Lyons 4 months, 1 week ago on Moffat County United Way executive director steps down

Thank you Corrie for your dedication to the community! 18 years, wow! What a wonderful gift you have given... Good luck!


Myranda Lyons 2 years, 6 months ago on Pamela Kinder M.D.: TMH aministration has gone too far

Pamela- Thank you for speaking out with your feelings and opinions. That is what letters to the Editor should be about! I praise your courage. Community of Craig- Pamela is right. Neurology is a specialty, that not all small communities are lucky enough to have. We have a Neurologist here in Craig. TMH should be doing referrals to the local Neurologist, not bringing in their own employed Neurologist, from out of town, to promot TMH business........ Very sad. The Health care field in such a small community should willingly work together to provide the best care available to our community. Small Medical groups promote TMH, by processing labs for their patients at TMH lab, by sending patients to TMH for ordered x-rays and CT scans, or by sending their patients to TMH for admission, when needed. I think it is acceptable to expect the same respect and ask that TMH work alongside those same small medical providers and promote their offices also............. We're all in this together to make our small Community a better place!


Myranda Lyons 3 years, 6 months ago on Packers’ teamwork, focus lead to Doak Walker 3rd-, 4th-grade title in Craig

I would like to Personally thank Craig Daily Press for posting such a great Artical about Youth Football. Kids thrive on seeing their hard work pay off and be noticed in the news paper. Both the Raiders and the Packers played good football all year. I would like to make an emphesis on the fact that not only do these coaches Volunteer their time and not get paid (as Bo Lyons stated above), they also pay full price for their own child to play. It amazes me the people that will stand on the sideline and complain about the coaches and the ref's, and take the time to bad mouth them all over town, but yet not lift a finger to help out. It takes alot of community involvement to have programs like youth sports. If it was not for each and every coach and ref out there volunteering their time, our children would not have sports to play. So I think a HUGE THANKS is in order to each and EVERY coach and ref for their time!!! Congrats to the Raiders for an amazing season! You guys us parents on the side lines sweating! You played good! Congrats to the Packers. You guys proved this year that being the smallest or youngest team, doesnt matter. It is all about practicing hard, playing hard, and working together as a TEAM! Way to go guys!


Myranda Lyons 3 years, 6 months ago on The Packers’ Chris Scherbarth breaks out of the pocket Wednesday at Woodbury Sports Complex during t

I Would like to Personally thank Craig Daily Press for running a great artical, All these boys on the Packers and Raiders teams deserve some gratitude for playing such a great year. It is important to kids to be able to read about their time in the paper, and it makes them proud of their hard work. Thank you to all Coaches that Volunteer their time to coach. Not only do they not get paid (like Bo Lyons stated) Every coach also pays full price for thier child to play. It amazes me the amount of people that will stand on the side lines and criticize the coaches and the refs (that volunteer their time), but yet dont lift a finger to assist. Every year, Parks and Recs, has to struggle to find enough coaching staff, to even make these activities available. If It wasn't for these Men Volunteering their time to coach, your children wouldnt have sports to play. So a thanks is in order to each and EVERY ONE of the Coaches in the Doak Walker Football league, and any other City league sport, as far as that goes. Congratulations to the Raiders team, they played amazing this year, and deserve some credit for their hard work. Also Congratulations to the Packers team. This year they proved, that being the smallest players, or the youngest players doesnt matter. Its all about practicing hard, playing hard and working as a team!!!!! Way to go guys!