Kjazz81 4 years, 6 months ago on Pamela Kinder M.D.: TMH aministration has gone too far

Excellent editorial. I totally agree. I am more than grateful that you Dr. Pamela Kinder are in our community. Having been a patient of yours myself and having you care for my mother for many many years when she was still alive is a blessing. It was a blessing to not have to travel long distances to get my mother the care she needed when she was in poor health. I am sorry that our local hospital has chosen to not support the services you provide to our community and surrounding areas. We as a community are very lucky to have a neurologist that is in local practice. It is unfortunate that it appears that this community is lacking in quality health care in many other areas. Doctors keep leaving and it makes me wonder why, but there are a few good doctors who have stayed like you and your husband and I personally appreciate all you both do in our community. Thank you.