IMO 4 years, 9 months ago on Letter: Caregivers deserve valuable time off

Those who had to make comments asking you if you felt guilty or selfish for leaving Ron at The Haven should feel guilty for even sticking their noses into your business. Why on earth should you feel guilty? I think it is awesome that there is a place such as the Haven that is willing to take people and make sure they enjoy their day, making a little better quality of life for them.

Folks have no idea of all that you have on your plate and how much you do. Not only do you take care of Ron 24/7 but you are always the first one in line to help others when needed, and you have a neighbor who relies on you to help her through her chemo treatments. Why are people so cruel? They can think whatever they like, but it sure would be nice if they kept their thoughts to themselves. I guarantee you that they couldn't keep up with you and all that you do. I truly don't think I'd ever have the patience that I've seen you display around Ron. You and Ron have shared a wonderful life together and I know it hurts you to see him have to deal with what he is going through, knowing you can't cure him and make things all right and back to where they were. So I hope he gets to continue his weekly social visits and fun times and you should never feel guilty about anything.


IMO 4 years, 10 months ago on Colorado State Sen. Jean White, R-Hayden, shown here in front of the state capitol building in 2011,

IMO someone tried to photoshop Ms White standing in front of the capitol building and they did a pea-poor job of photoshopping. The landscaping doesn't even match up. Therefore I would suggest that she was NOT standing in front of the State Capitol Building.