Domestic_diva 4 years, 11 months ago on Department of Justice seizes files from local physician

I am writing here to say that I (Just like you) have no place to judge Dr. Miller, your experience with him doesnt determine what kind of a doctor he is. I trust Dr. Miller. I took my daughter (then 7 months old and now 13 months) to a different clinic to have a bump on her head looked at. I had noticed it for a couple weeks and I had a feeling I should get it looked at. The doctor there that we saw felt it, measured it, consulted with TWO other doctors at the clinic and told me that she had Craniosynostosis, Which is where the lines of a baby's skull begin to fuse together push on the brain. It is life threatening, can cause retardation and requires major surgery. They sent me for xrays and said they would be in touch in the next week to set up an appt. with a brain and skull surgeon at children's hospital. We went for x-rays and I waited and never heard from that clinic. I left messages and never received a return call. I was scared I couldn't eat I couldn't sleep I just kept waiting wondering if my baby was going to be ok. I was seeing Dr. Miller then and asked him at my appt. about my daughter. He wanted to see her immediately. Right away he told me that it was not Craniosynostosis and believed it was just a cyst on her skull and that it was nothing dangerous and that it would probably resolve itself. He got her x-rays and confirmed this. I bring her to every one of my appointments and he takes the time to look at her. While another clinic left me thinking my daughter was going to die, Dr. Miller relieved my fears. That to me is priceless. To this day I have not received a call back from that clinic. I have also had a great experience with Dr. Miller. This doesn't mean that he is perfect. Are you? I think that the responsibility of being a doctor is hard enough. He is responsible for many lives. Dr. Miller cannot control what his patients do. That is not his job. If someone gets medication from him, and it "ends up on the streets of Craig" he is in no way responsible for that. I do know that Dr. Miller follows procedure when prescribing narcotics and other medications. He checks documentation and maintains his own documentation before/while prescribing. Just because he gives more prescriptions doesn't mean he has poor judgement, it may just mean that he cares more about his patients and less about his "reputation" than the other doctors who would rather leave a patient suffering than "look bad". Dr. Miller (and other doctors) have gone to school for a very long time to do their job and to develop their judgement. Have you? Do you have a degree? Does the government have a PhD? I don't think so. Its time for people to stop being in other peoples business, including some of the pathetic people posting here and the government who don't know anything about peoples health conditions. Thank you Dr. Miller for helping my daughter, and giving me peace of mind to sleep at night. Thank you for continuing to care for Gracie and for me. Elizabeth C.


Domestic_diva 5 years, 2 months ago on Craig car theft suspect sentenced in district court

I don't understand why the sentence is so light and deferred considering the circumstances. There are so many YOUNG kids that get in trouble in this town for things less than stealing a car, that have no prior criminal history, and the court go crazy when they are sentencing them. I did something much less serious than drinking, stealing a car, damaging other peoples property, and putting lives in danger by driving through neighborhoods at ridiculous speeds. I was 18, had never been in trouble before, and I TOOK RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY ACTIONS, and I still ended up with jail time, fines, and a felony on my record for the rest of my life. I was young, and dumb, and I made bad decisions (decisions that I CHOSE to make, I don't blame anyone or anything but myself), so I had to pay the price. But not everyone does? I guess sentencing in this town depends on who you are, not what you do. Also, the point of your sentence is to learn a lesson. I certainly did. I got my life straight, I stopped doing stupid stuff. I got married, had kids, finished college, and have lived as a productive citizen. But more than one DUI, drinking, stealing peoples cars (and people can say that she didn't, or wouldn't have if she hadn't been with the other people, but she is a 31 year old ADULT, perfectly capable of making her own decisions) and she gets away with probation AGAIN. Really our courts have part of the blame. Children are always the ones who suffer in these situations. It is wrong for her to use her kid as an excuse not to go to jail. She should have thought about her kids when she made poor decisions, not as an afterthought to get out of the mess she created for herself. Regardless of everything involved in this case (the sentence, the drinking, the kids) it is time for her to take responsibility for her own actions and her life and get it straight. It is time for her to stop partying, be a productive citizen and take care of her family like a 31 year old should. If she does, that's great. If she doesn't, I hope the courts feel stupid for letting a re-offender offend again. It is certainly not my intention here to make judgements about this person, but to simply look at the facts and call out a few problems I see. After all, it is you, and me, and everyone in this town that is affected by the actions of people like this. Here is another example of where our tax dollars are going. Wasted in more ways than one including a court system that has poor judgement. Lastly, everyone is allowed to voice their opinions, regardless of how they spell or say things. When you attack someone because of their spelling it is because you are insecure about yourself and feel the need to down other people. No one here is better than anybody else. For the other people that defend this case and claim to "know her", I assume that some of you are friends of hers. Instead of wasting your time defending her bad decisions, I suggest you stop condoning this and support good decisions.