David Moore

David Moore 12 months ago on French man's tricycle stolen near Maybell

Seriously??? Good grief, why did this have to happen here, we are not like this, we welcome and support people coming through town on treks/missions/excursions. Mr. Gevaux, I will happily contribute to a fund to buy you a new bike, or, participate in the hunt to find yours. My eye is now out and i will be looking for it, not a typical bike so it should be easy to spot. Please, DO NOT let one idiot in Moffat County (or maybe a passer thru) ruin your ambitions, we just are not that type of people. I'm in Becky.


David Moore 1 year, 1 month ago on Craig briefs: Daily Press website to experience maintenance

Well said Jobeth. I have never answered any questions to read the paper, on my phone, pad or PC, never. Not sure what you're talking about but I read anything I want without interruption or inconvenience.