David Moore

David Moore 10 months, 1 week ago on Suzanne Meyer: Appalled at newspaper

I did not know this either until recently. My mother passed away in December, she did not live here but the newspaper in her community, in which she lived most of her 81 years, charged me $250 for her obituary, which I wrote. It was two small paragraphs and a photo, took up about 1/8 of a page. Had I put 4 more words in, it would have been $500. I was floored. I think a nominal fee, maybe $25-$50 would be reasonable, but the exorbitant amount papers charge to advertise death is ridiculous. Good letter, I am with you.


David Moore 10 months, 3 weeks ago on Steamboat woman in critical condition after crash

Hoping things improve for her and she comes out OK.

With that, what is it going to take to get people to wear their seatbelts?? The drivers compartment is what you can see in the photo, looks like it is not too badly damaged from this perspective and she may have walked away with much less severe injuries had she had her seatbelt on.

It's just common sense....seatbelts save lives.


David Moore 11 months, 3 weeks ago on Craig eatery Double Barrel Steakhouse to close

How about a new spot for that great French Bistro? They could use more space and to be a bit more centrally located has to be a plus.


David Moore 1 year, 1 month ago on French restaurant debuts in Craig

Being that I am 50% French, oddly until I met my 100% French mother a year ago, I never have had French food. We have now been here twice and all I can say is that I have loved every bite. The food is delicious, the service is spot on and the atmosphere is quite nice, we have spoken with the owners both times and they seem genuinely happy to be here.

Some tips if I may: Prepare to stay awhile, this is not a fast food joint, this is real French quality. Plan on 90 minutes in the least. The servers do not annoy you, as they usually do, asking every 4 minutes if everything is ok. They leave you to enjoy your food. This is how service should be. If you want something, motion for them to come over and they will be glad to help you. No, they do not have a burger for the kiddies, this is French food, not Americanized French food. If the kids won't eat it, leave them at home.

Give it a try, I have yet to hear anyone complain and everyone is smiling, and full, when they leave. The prices are very reasonable however I suggest stopping by and making a reservation, they are quite busy and were turning people away because they have no room. I estimate they can seat around 30-35 max. I am so happy to finally have something new, and original in town aside from the same ol' thing day in and day out, I have found a new food home for sure, it's in the blood. Welcome to Craig Fraikin's, I hope it is a very long relationship.


David Moore 1 year, 1 month ago on Brad Goldsmith: Noise ordinance?

I agree. I read an article somewhere on this, and there is video on you tube...it's called "coal rolling". These kids modify their trucks somehow to spew large amounts of exhaust and then go out to find people to dump it on....cyclists, pedestrians, whomever. They think it's funny. I for one am not impressed and think we should do like a few towns have done and make it illegal. Take the license and registration until the truck is put back the way it is supposed to be.


David Moore 1 year, 3 months ago on Allen Hischke: Attention fishermen

From the article on the front page of this site....

Burt Clements discussed how the Colorado River District and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife are looking at poisoning the fish at Elkhead and draining the reservoir in order to protect four endangered fish, including the bonytail, humpback chub, razorback sucker and Colorado pikeminnow.

“We got a concern over at Elkhead Reservoir,” Clements told the commissioners. “The U.S. Fish and Wildlife, now they’re wanting to drain the Elkhead Reservoir and poison it. They can’t explain why their native species are disappearing.”

Clements wants to see the involved agencies put up a screen to keep the bass and pike from getting into the Yampa River from the spillway. Clements said the river district will hold a meeting around Sept. 5, and that the public and the press are not invited.

“They’re trying to have meetings without the newspaper, radio and television,” he said.

Many in the audience thought the meeting should be public.

“I would think if there’s any public money involved the public has the right to be there,” Lois Wymore said.


David Moore 1 year, 3 months ago on Touring Moffat County: Deerlodge Park at Dinosaur National Monument

I am always looking for fun, exciting places to go to hike, bike and camp. This article intrigued me because after living here all my life, this is one place I have never been to. So, as I do everything, I brought it up on Google Earth and took a look around. I find some information in the article somewhat confusing and misleading so I was hoping someone who has been to this park might be able to help me out. I don't want to drive all the way out there only to be dissapointed. I need trees to camp, which is why I go to the forest instead of the desert plains, and I need information, which is lacking in this article. First off from the article...."The Campground is located near the end of the road, nestled in a beautiful cottonwood grove on the banks of the Yampa River. Deerlodge Park offers 8 camping sites and can accommodate trailers. Each site offers picnic tables, a large fire ring and ample camping space". I do not find 8 camping sites in a grove of cottonwood trees that can accommodate trailers. What I do see is a boat ramp, a parking lot and a bathroom nearby not surrounded by cottonwoods, but scrub oak and junipers. Am I missing this campsite somewhere? Also...."Wade across the slow moving water, and visit the Henry Shank Homestead. While you are on the north side of the river explore the Vale of Tears area, the view of Yampa Canyon is fantastic from this side". Where is the homestead, all I see is more scrub oak. And what is the Vale of Tears? Where is it? I tried going to the website but it is sparse and of no help at all. Has anyone been there that might be able to enlighten me a bit more??