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David Moore 8 months, 2 weeks ago on 5 deaths logged in Moffat and Routt this year due to no seat belts

You are absolutely right Allen, that is your choice. However I'm of the "it's my right to not have your unrestrained body fly through my windshield in a head on collision and either kill or seriously injure me or my innocent passengers because you were distracted and crossed into my lane" crowd. Pretty sure the outcome of that would be gruesome, left to our families to sort out, making it their business. There is no excuse.


David Moore 8 months, 3 weeks ago on 5 deaths logged in Moffat and Routt this year due to no seat belts

It's such a simple thing.

I am amazed at the amount of people killed, still...to this day, despite the drilling it into us, because they fail to take 3 seconds out of their lives to buckle up.

The burning question is...why not buckle up?



David Moore 8 months, 3 weeks ago on Our View: Craig residents will have to pay — no matter what

Excellent post Mark, very well said. I believe some of the things mentioned in your first post, and not necessarily a rec center, are why people are leaving Craig. I don't see this recent turmoil as part of the "Boom or Bust" cycle, Craig is busted, and it needs fixed before it becomes that sought after tourist attraction, a ghost town.


David Moore 9 months ago on Unknown party dumps large amounts of trash in Yampa River

I agree. Can't play 2-5 without a hoard of trucks and cars going through. Took me 5 minutes to drive off 3 one day, nobody would stop and wait 1 minute. Not that I am anymore special, but courtesy has disappeared along that part.

Who owns that property behind the GC, the "pebble beach" part?


David Moore 9 months ago on Operation Round Up causing concern for some customers

First off, I cannot find in either of my posts where I was "degrading" to any one person, I would offer an apology if one was warranted, I just can't find where I need to.

As far as being inundated with junk mail, spam and such, I agree. However if I get a mailing from YVEA or ATMOS, I read it because there might be something IMPORTANT in it, the rest goes in the can. I get a lot of junk like anyone else, I file though it instead of instinctively throwing it away, keeping things that are important, like a newsletter from a service I dump money into.

My only point of posting here at all was I saw, in my little hometown, someone going after another in a frivolous manner and stating that they were never notified, which is wrong and needed pointing out. Because you were not told something via YOUR preferred method does not give you the right to sue, well, it IS America, I guess if some are that far off the grid, well, that's on them, not someone else.

The end all here is a lot of time and money will be spent going to court for nothing, YVEA is a big business protected by big business lawyers, I am sure they don't plan on this going far either.


David Moore 9 months, 1 week ago on Operation Round Up causing concern for some customers

I have a feeling this will not go very far in the legal system. YVEA did its part in notifying its customers of its intentions, mainly via the Steamboat Today article I linked in my above post, the November 2015 newsletter that EVERY customer gets and which I have linked below, (refer to page 7's story "Rounding up pennies makes a lot of Cents),


and the website referenced in the article above, however I cannot find a link to a story in the Craig paper, which puzzles me. Why? Still not an excuse for not knowing.

And saying it was "not your responsibility to know" ....WHAT?? It is our responsibility to know, it is our responsibility to keep up and inform ourselves on the current happenings within our local, state, national and global infrastructure....mercy, do some live under rocks?

I knew about it because I read the article in the monthly newsletter, which prompted me to OPT OUT of the program. I read stuff.....I don't just hit "agree" without reading the fine print when paying a bill, or buying an I-tune. If I get a newsletter from my electric or gas company, I read it, just to make sure nothing weird is going on. Not doing that, in my respectful opinion, is just plain lazy.

Anyway, that's why I don't think this will go far, YVEA did not deceive anyone, they told all of their customers in the most widespread, efficient, cost-effective way possible, they are not going to send personal e-mails, letters, or call people on the phone, that can be costly, which is why those days are done. But then again, I'm not a lawyer either.

Pay attention to what's going on in your lives people, read those newsletters, this all could have been avoided if people would read them instead of throwing them in the trash. The can at the PO is FULL of them when they come out.

With that, what IS the principle of the issue?


David Moore 9 months, 1 week ago on Operation Round Up causing concern for some customers

Operation Roundup has changed from an "opt in" to an "opt out" program. If you don't want to contribute a whole $6 a year (the average cost to the customers), just check the box on your bill, it's right below your name and address. If you pay online, it asks you if you want to contribute, at least it did. I have not used that function since January 2016, it may have changed so you may have to opt out of it as well. It asked me for the years I used it if I wanted to participate.

The Steamboat today ran an article,

in November of 2015, why the CDP did not is beyond me. It is also information you can find on the YVEA website, it's all right there.

Did you all expect a personal phone call from them? Some sure seem to be acting like it. If it appeared in a paper 42 miles away, but not in Craigs, who's to blame? Paper? PR from YVEA? Honestly, I simply cannot believe someone is thinking of legal action against them, that's the punch line of this all, right? I am genuinely interested in hearing how this all turns out.


David Moore 9 months, 2 weeks ago on Liquor store owners react to booze bill

It's called Competition. Want to keep your business, compete, its the American way. I'd love to buy groceries, gas and beer/wine all the same spot instead of driving all over town making three separate stops. It only makes sense and brings Colorado into the 21st century. Just like when Wal-Mart was coming to town everyone freaked out. Well, what,10 years later and not much has changed? That's just Craig tho, not much change.


David Moore 9 months, 3 weeks ago on Museum of Northwest Colorado: The trailblazing Taylor brothers

Grew up on that street, and when I see movies or shows with kids out playing in that tree lined neighborhood, it always brings back those memories. Thanks for the article, will be entertaining finding out where all the names came from.