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David Moore 6 months, 3 weeks ago on Pickup truck, SUV involved in Craig collision

Maybe not at or in front of the store proper, but close enough. Someone needs to intervene before a fatality at Craig's most dangerous intersection happens. We expand a store that needs no expanding and leave the busiest convenience store to fend for itself. Genius.


David Moore 6 months, 3 weeks ago on Craig man flashes BB gun, steals cigarettes, gets arrested

Wow, all I was trying to do was make a point that the make my day law does not apply to public places, sorry I don't have the vast knowledge required to pull up proper articles to explain it. I figured a Denver criminal defense lawyer who took the time to brew it down was clear enough.

I own guns.

I have one of them on me at all times.

I don't think I need a CCW if open carry is allowed, however I do not have any problem with people having them, open or concealed.

I saw a guy in Walmart today open carrying a Gun that looked a lot like my own, and had not a second thought about it, heck I even said hello to him

I do not support stricter gun legislation like you imply, matter of fact I think it should be less.

I don't support the notion that the MMD law is a law allowing others to kill people, not sure where that one came from and I even said you would be under scrutiny if you applied it.

However break into my house and I will use it with no questions asked, could care less about the scrutiny.

I support the 2A.

You sure gathered a lot of wrong information about me off of one post simply pointing out that MMD laws do not apply to public places.

All I was attempting to do was point out to mark that it would have been a bad day for someone putting .98 cents into another over a BB gun and a pack of smokes.

Not everyone is screaming gun control.


David Moore 6 months, 3 weeks ago on Craig man flashes BB gun, steals cigarettes, gets arrested

If a bystander took out this guy, it would be a very bad day for him and another reason to put more restrictions on guns, open carry and concealed carry. Make my day law was designed for a homeowner who discovers that their life, property or the lives of others in their HOME are in danger, not a public place of business. I think if someone may have pulled on him, he would have not been stupid enough to resist, however given the light of the crime being committed in the way it was, the perps intelligence is certainly in question. (Darwin award nominee here??)

Lots of different ways this could have panned out, the good thing is nobody is hurt and the guy got caught. Hope he learns from this. In your own home, if circumstances are right, you may get away with putting one, or three, rounds into an armed burglar, however this particular law was NOT designed for public places of business, at least according to the article I pulled up, there may be more in-depth parts of it I have not yet uncovered. Not sure how it may have turned out if someone just shot him. I'd think they would be in a world of deep shirt though.

Anyway, here is a link to what the "make my day" law entails, in brief, written by a Denver Criminal Defense attorney. http://www.avvo.com/legal-guides/ugc/what-is-the-make-my-day-law-1


David Moore 6 months, 3 weeks ago on Revamped Kum & Go in Craig is slated for construction, finally

That's nice. But......there is a place that needs enlarging way more than K&G. The Loaf & Jug on the west end is a serious accident waiting to happen.....and I am surprised it has not. I cannot count the times going to and coming from work that I have encountered people waiting on a pump parked in the traffic lane, semis fueling up blocking access to the entire parking lot of the store, hunters, 4-wheelers, off roaders with their trailers loaded up and sticking out onto CR 7, people stopping and wanting to turn (but their car did not come with the standard directional device) and others barely evading a plow into the rear. I've seen more close calls at that intersection than I have anywhere else and it is my belief that the root cause of so many near misses is that store on the corner, that little corner. Deal with all that and then you have to get back into traffic, which is a whole other task. Also, there are no sidewalks for those traveling on foot, which puts more people into the road with the rest of the mess. I am not against anyone getting fuel or buying snacks, but something needs to be done about the tangle at that intersection before there is a serious event. Good thing the hospital is just right up the hill. I guess it depends on who you work for, L&J is not hurting for cash that's for sure, but one would think that the execs would look at enlarging the place to make it safer for their customers. Lots of space, just buy it up.


David Moore 1 year ago on Our View: Restaurant owner's decision seen as a negative for community

“We have four people come in and sit down and they buy steaks and have a glass of wine and their bill is $130. You’d be pretty hard-pressed for four people to go spend a $130 at Carelli’s or at JW Snack’s.”

Since Carelli's has been brought up (and because not only am I a regular there, I am friends with the owners so I feel a bit compelled to defend them), allow me to shed a bit of light on the said "economics" being discussed, which the paper seems to have found the same light I have.

On Wednesday this past week, we arrived at Carellis for a friend and co-workers birthday, just four of us having drinks and dinner. After sharing an appetizer, three of the people there had dinner and one had a specialty pizza slice...we all shared a bottle of wine, split between four people is a glass apiece. During the time we were there we also sampled a couple of their ever-changing micro brews and the BD girl had a margarita. Total bill was $93, with tip (and I tip well for good service, which I always get at Carellis), $113 dollars. Maybe not the $130 mentioned, but pretty darned close. Had the pizza eater had one of those $18.95 steaks, it would have exceeded that amount.

"Hard Pressed"?? Hardly.

To add to this odd logic of "economic downturn", I spoke with Brett the other day about this and he stated that Carellis is busier than usual, sometimes they have to turn people away because they have no tables left, and are closed on Mondays now because they are doing so well the other 5 days a week and need a break, they bust their tails in that place when it is at capacity.

I went to Stacks, once, for lunch, and was not very impressed. The food and service were good however, the menu options were very slim and the paint job on the inside was just plain odd. The atmosphere was dead, at noon on a Friday we were two of four others there. Compare that to Carellis which is lively, active, and everyone is having a good time...all the time, lunch into dinner, I have been in there at 3 in the afternoon and that place is hopping.

People here in Moffat County work, and work hard, they want to blow off some steam, hang out with friends and release the tension of the workweek. I may be biased, and nothing against the owner, the employees or the patrons of Stacks at all, but maybe people just CHOSE to not go there anymore and it has absolutely nothing to to with economics.

Just my 2 cents.....