David Moore

David Moore 4 months, 3 weeks ago on New survey shows teens in Northwest Colorado smoking more

Allen. Seriously. This post is in no way to poke at you but c'mon.

Ban all tobacco products in Moffat County?

Um, no, that is unrealistic....and I do not smoke.

C'mon Allen, let's be real. What is your realistic solution?


David Moore 5 months, 1 week ago on Jeramee Brumback: Don’t text and drive

I am on board Mark, besides, this is coming from the man who does not believe in seatbelt use telling you that the need to use a phone in a moving vehicle is a poor excuse for saving lives. You don't own a cell phone Allen and what you don't understand is a cell phones usefulness above 4mph (or any usefulness for that matter, which in your own mind there isn't any usefulness for a cell phone) and the fact that every single company on the planet is NOT out to screw you over (again, in YOUR own mind). What you're looking for Allen is an App for the phone itself, a secret one you can covertly install on your kid's phone that shuts off everything but the "dial a number" function. I did it with an app called Life360, an App for families so they can find each other in say a theme park. Put it on my kids phone and I knew her exact location, by GPS, and a history of where she had been. Even for a tech, phone savvy teenager, she had to have me uninstall it because she could not find the app.

I do not support texting and driving, it's dangerous.

Just like not wearing a seatbelt, or a helmet.

Personal choices are the killers.


David Moore 5 months, 2 weeks ago on Tragedy avoided in rollover accident near Wyoming border in Moffat County

Which proves my point, buckle up or don't. Thankfully, these people did. Really, it's the choice between life or death.

Oh, and......

Boarder? Try "border".


David Moore 5 months, 2 weeks ago on Moffat County reaches agreement with feds over Swinging Bridge

While I completely agree with you on the part that if it were you or I we would be paying dearly, I want to point out a couple things that I think are being missed as far as whomever causes the damage has to pay for it all. Again, I agree that if you damage something, you are responsible, but consider the following commentary pulled from the CDP links above regarding the bridge and why it is still not at least repaired:

September 17, 2014:

"“We’re working good with T. Wright and his insurance to get it all fixed up,” Mathers said. Dickinson’s insurance will pay to repair the part of the bridge that Dickinson’s tractor broke, and the county will fund the rest of the project."

June 6, 2015:

"Tipton said if Moffat County is going to invest in a project to repair one section of the bridge, they might as well take advantage of the opportunity to perform extensive maintenance and essentially rebuild the bridge"

November 17, 2015:

"In total, the cost of the bridge rehabilitation is approximated at $1.52 million but will go beyond just repairing the damage caused by the tractor accident."

It sounds to me like the person who caused the damage HAS paid for the damage they caused, or at least their insurance has. It is apparent that the damage caused by the tractor did not ruin the integrity of the bridge, all they had to do was repair the hole and we could once again drive across. But instead, they want to make the weight load higher and replace all the decking, cables, and supporting structure, another quote from the paper:

September 22, 2014

“No matter what we do, there's a misperception in the public about what that bridge will hold,” Tipton said. “You’ll never be able to get more than a pickup truck across it if it’s used right.”

Why should the person who caused, and has paid for the damage, fund an entire project that has been in the works before the tractor ever went through?


David Moore 5 months, 3 weeks ago on 5 deaths logged in Moffat and Routt this year due to no seat belts

You are absolutely right Allen, that is your choice. However I'm of the "it's my right to not have your unrestrained body fly through my windshield in a head on collision and either kill or seriously injure me or my innocent passengers because you were distracted and crossed into my lane" crowd. Pretty sure the outcome of that would be gruesome, left to our families to sort out, making it their business. There is no excuse.


David Moore 5 months, 3 weeks ago on 5 deaths logged in Moffat and Routt this year due to no seat belts

It's such a simple thing.

I am amazed at the amount of people killed, still...to this day, despite the drilling it into us, because they fail to take 3 seconds out of their lives to buckle up.

The burning question is...why not buckle up?



David Moore 6 months ago on Our View: Craig residents will have to pay — no matter what

Excellent post Mark, very well said. I believe some of the things mentioned in your first post, and not necessarily a rec center, are why people are leaving Craig. I don't see this recent turmoil as part of the "Boom or Bust" cycle, Craig is busted, and it needs fixed before it becomes that sought after tourist attraction, a ghost town.


David Moore 6 months, 1 week ago on Unknown party dumps large amounts of trash in Yampa River

I agree. Can't play 2-5 without a hoard of trucks and cars going through. Took me 5 minutes to drive off 3 one day, nobody would stop and wait 1 minute. Not that I am anymore special, but courtesy has disappeared along that part.

Who owns that property behind the GC, the "pebble beach" part?


David Moore 6 months, 1 week ago on Operation Round Up causing concern for some customers

First off, I cannot find in either of my posts where I was "degrading" to any one person, I would offer an apology if one was warranted, I just can't find where I need to.

As far as being inundated with junk mail, spam and such, I agree. However if I get a mailing from YVEA or ATMOS, I read it because there might be something IMPORTANT in it, the rest goes in the can. I get a lot of junk like anyone else, I file though it instead of instinctively throwing it away, keeping things that are important, like a newsletter from a service I dump money into.

My only point of posting here at all was I saw, in my little hometown, someone going after another in a frivolous manner and stating that they were never notified, which is wrong and needed pointing out. Because you were not told something via YOUR preferred method does not give you the right to sue, well, it IS America, I guess if some are that far off the grid, well, that's on them, not someone else.

The end all here is a lot of time and money will be spent going to court for nothing, YVEA is a big business protected by big business lawyers, I am sure they don't plan on this going far either.