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David Moore 6 days, 11 hours ago on Our View: Don’t bury seniors in snow

I spoke to quick and offered to help, but I guess I did not pick up on the "outside city limits" part. I don't think it's practicle for me to try and shovel a half mile long road with a shovel and a snowblower, it would take all day. If I had a plow for my truck, I'm there, but I don't and they seem to want astronomical amounts for them. I'll still gladly help those inside city limits with driveways and sidewalks, I'm just not prepared to do much else. I agree with you Mark, if you're going to live in the country, you're kind of on your own, but they started this and now people depend on it. Just yanking it with no workable solution is what got people all riled up, including myself. I don't know what it costs to plow a half mile driveway, but I would hope those local businesses who are going to get the upcoming job might find it in their hearts to not gouge the elderly and cut them a break on the cost. And yea, not going to be pleasant to see what else gets cut.


David Moore 1 week, 2 days ago on Elders shoveling through options as Moffat County axes snow services

Unfortunately I cannot help those folks so far from town, plus I do not have a plow, but I will gladly help those in need within the city. What I do have is a shovel, a big snowblower, a truck to haul it in, a strong back (for my age) and plenty of time. I think it's pretty sad that they cannot find some other frivolous item to be cut, say, one of those new shiny trucks I see driving around, that would pay for a couple years worth of plowing itself. Our seniors are the ones who BUILT this town, why cut them off, literally? Cut something else off, it cannot be that hard to find one $12000 item each year that the county can do without. Any senior reading this who might need some help this winter, whenever it comes, send me an email. threeavsfans@yahoo.com. I'll come dig you out and a hot cup of tea and a cookie is all I will need.


David Moore 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Dead rodents, raw sewage and insects close Chinese restaurant in Craig

They needed to be shut down years ago, it's about time they were. Close them and do not allow them to reopen, it's obvious they could care less about the health of their customers. No room for that attitude.


David Moore 4 months, 1 week ago on CPW officer recognized for bravery in hostage situation

I am sorry, but this man, and his partner, deserve WAY more than just a CPW recognition.

Seriously....just CPW??

This man decided to "fight" instead of "flight", that decision saved TWO law enforcement officers that day.

I can only HOPE I have the same frame of mind at the moment of truth.

Sir, you are the hero in my book today, and tomorrow.

I salute you, I salute your partner.


David Moore 4 months, 3 weeks ago on Man dies in motorcycle crash west of Steamboat Springs

Big shoutout to the men and women that put their own lives on hold to save ours.

This scenario is exactly how it should happen, and we are very fortunate to have skilled medics working together for the common good.

And to have something like Classic air in the valley!!!

All I have to say is HALLELUJAH, and that it's about time. Our remoteness seriously needed this boost in ones "golden hour" of survival. I feel a whole lot better now having them close by, that 45 minute wait got very tense at times.

Lastly, a huge shout to the first responders, AKA Good Samaritans. These ordinary folk stopped and utilized a taught skill to save a strangers life, and it looks like they were successful. A save is a save, the aftermath is when it gets tough, but it's a save nonetheless.

If I have an opinion about anything (and I am very opinionated), I feel that basic CPR and first aid should be a REQUIREMENT to graduate high school. The more people in the know, the better off everyone is. I cannot see how it could be that hard to teach, nor that expensive, to educate kids I'd even do it for a low rate.

Bravo everyone, bravo, a hearty round of applause from my side of the screen........


David Moore 5 months ago on New survey shows teens in Northwest Colorado smoking more

.......Alarming......no! I'm surprised, yet impressed it is not much higher.

When I graduated in 1985, I'm willing to bet that number WAS much higher, I'd say 1/4 of my class of almost 500 itself were smoking, that's huge, and that's just one class. In the 90's, it seemed like every single kid in town was smoking. With the 2000's coming in I feel we have seen a dramatic decrease in kids who smoke, I just do not see it as much as I used to, and I'm around town a lot.

Which is why I am not too worried about this report, and, which is why I thought the idea of an outright ban was a bit unfair to everyone else who are old enough and who have a right to smoke. These reports come out every now and then just to boost the cause, which is a good one no doubt, but once you run the numbers and get accurate figures, it turns out that it really is not that big of a problem.

My solution is the same it has always been, education and experience. I'm not going into my methods, but so far, so good with my kid. She knows the dangers, she knows the risks, I have laid it all out in black and white AND have even given her real world, first hand experience in what smoking can do to your body. I feel proud of that one accomplishment checked off the list and am even prouder of her for listening.

That's MY solution.

Is it THE solution?

I don't know.

Kids are going to do what the adults do because even though they are not ready for them, they seek and desire the same freedoms adults have. Given that, I guess the solution would be to be a good role model, don't smoke, don't promote smoking and don't allow smoking in your family.

Bottom line I guess is that parents need to be invested in the health and future of their children, problem is there are too many parents who depend on the world to do it for them.

Therein lies the problem that needs the solution.


David Moore 5 months ago on New survey shows teens in Northwest Colorado smoking more

The article makes some interesting points that I think are making this look worse than it actually is:

-"It is entirely possible that while fewer kids are lighting up today, those that have already begun on the path of addiction are smoking more and more instead of trying to decrease use,” said Maggie Rainwater, tri-county tobacco coordinator for Grand Futures Prevention Coalition. “It’s hard to say if this increase is a trend or just a random blip on the data landscape.”

Which to me means that there are not many NEW smokers, but current ones just smoking more. Besides, they are not even sure if this data is showing a true problem or not.

-"Several hundred students from the four-county region, including students at all Routt and Moffat county high schools, were invited to take the survey that was administered by the state departments of health and environment, education and human services, the University of Colorado and a community advisory committee, in fall 2015".

Ok, "several hundred students from the four county region". Lets just say 500 for discussion sake in Rio Blanco (Meeker/Rangely), and Jackson (Walden), 500 is pretty generous between the two. Plus around 500 at MCHS and around 1000 at Routt (Steamboat, Hayden, SoRoCo), gives us about 2000 or so students who took this test (figures compliments of US News and World Report on High Schools).

Of them, only 5% reported smoking.......or about 100 students. Divide that by four (remember, surveyed a four county region) and that leaves you with 25 kids attending MCHS that smoke, or 5% of the entire school.

Yes, 25 to many, but that is far from an alarming number. But how many of them are NEW smokers, and how many are just continuing their habit? If you say 1/2, then your number is now 12.5.

-"In 2013, only 1.6 percent of students in the Northwest Colorado region reported smoking"

So in 2 years, given the amount of students has not fluctuated from the 2000, that's still only about 30 kids who are new smokers overall, 7-8 at Moffat in the year 2013.

If my math is all correct (and math was never my strong point) and given that half of those who said they smoke are long term smokers, not new ones, that gives us five, five brand new smokers at MCHS in the last two years.