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David Moore 5 months ago on Our View: Restaurant owner's decision seen as a negative for community

“We have four people come in and sit down and they buy steaks and have a glass of wine and their bill is $130. You’d be pretty hard-pressed for four people to go spend a $130 at Carelli’s or at JW Snack’s.”

Since Carelli's has been brought up (and because not only am I a regular there, I am friends with the owners so I feel a bit compelled to defend them), allow me to shed a bit of light on the said "economics" being discussed, which the paper seems to have found the same light I have.

On Wednesday this past week, we arrived at Carellis for a friend and co-workers birthday, just four of us having drinks and dinner. After sharing an appetizer, three of the people there had dinner and one had a specialty pizza slice...we all shared a bottle of wine, split between four people is a glass apiece. During the time we were there we also sampled a couple of their ever-changing micro brews and the BD girl had a margarita. Total bill was $93, with tip (and I tip well for good service, which I always get at Carellis), $113 dollars. Maybe not the $130 mentioned, but pretty darned close. Had the pizza eater had one of those $18.95 steaks, it would have exceeded that amount.

"Hard Pressed"?? Hardly.

To add to this odd logic of "economic downturn", I spoke with Brett the other day about this and he stated that Carellis is busier than usual, sometimes they have to turn people away because they have no tables left, and are closed on Mondays now because they are doing so well the other 5 days a week and need a break, they bust their tails in that place when it is at capacity.

I went to Stacks, once, for lunch, and was not very impressed. The food and service were good however, the menu options were very slim and the paint job on the inside was just plain odd. The atmosphere was dead, at noon on a Friday we were two of four others there. Compare that to Carellis which is lively, active, and everyone is having a good time...all the time, lunch into dinner, I have been in there at 3 in the afternoon and that place is hopping.

People here in Moffat County work, and work hard, they want to blow off some steam, hang out with friends and release the tension of the workweek. I may be biased, and nothing against the owner, the employees or the patrons of Stacks at all, but maybe people just CHOSE to not go there anymore and it has absolutely nothing to to with economics.

Just my 2 cents.....


David Moore 5 months, 2 weeks ago on Craig liquor stores pull New Belgium beer for supporting WildEarth Guardians

Ideals Allen, ideals, not ideas, get your dictionary out. If you cannot figure yourself out, nobody can. Regardless, this is one out of the dozens of issues we can actually agree on, in the future I will refrain from trying to help you out by explaining a post I understood, weirdly, that others did not.


David Moore 5 months, 2 weeks ago on Craig liquor stores pull New Belgium beer for supporting WildEarth Guardians

I think you both need to have a beer together and loosen up a bit. I think Mr. Collins simply misunderstood the meaning of Alan's first post, which I understood, but because it is so vague I can see it being misconstrued. Mr. Collins, I believe Alan was stating his approval for local business to pull this particular product off their shelves and that if he still drank, he might buy a six pack from each of them, of a different variety other than the breweries supporting WEG, for their effort in supporting our town. It had nothing to do with supporting WEG. I don't support much of anything either of you believe in, both of your ideals, old thinking and non progressive nature are what is putting this town in the toilet, I just thought the above needed to be straightened out. Carry on........


David Moore 6 months, 3 weeks ago on French man's tricycle stolen near Maybell

Seriously??? Good grief, why did this have to happen here, we are not like this, we welcome and support people coming through town on treks/missions/excursions. Mr. Gevaux, I will happily contribute to a fund to buy you a new bike, or, participate in the hunt to find yours. My eye is now out and i will be looking for it, not a typical bike so it should be easy to spot. Please, DO NOT let one idiot in Moffat County (or maybe a passer thru) ruin your ambitions, we just are not that type of people. I'm in Becky.