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Dan_Bourbeau Helm Eye Center-Steamboat Springs

Dr. Helm uses a physician's assistant to do his work for him. We scheduled an appointment for my son, and Dr. Helm's PA misdiagnosed him. We got a second opinion at Mountain Eye Works after he could not handle the PA's prescribed lens. His prescription ended up being 50% less. He now has 20/20 vision after 2 follow ups. When we requested an eye exam form for Kindergarten, again Dr. Helm had his PA do the work for him. Because we chose to follow up with a different doctor she essentially said my son had no follow up and was at risk of going blind. Even though it was Mountain Eyeworks who sent them the form with their feedback. If you want a real eye care look elsewhere, this office is run my an incompetent PA and a non-existent doctor. Steer clear of this practice, as it is my first amendment right to say. Which this doctor told me would be slander. If you support the 1st amendment and want quality eye care, do not patronize this practice.

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