Craigite1 5 years, 2 months ago on Is downtown Craig fine the way it is or should a concerted effort be made to improve the district to attract more visitors and businesses?

Just a couple of thoughts...... First, snow removal needs to be addressed downtown. It is an issue and it is extremely hazardous. Snow can be removed at night after 9:00pm from 6th street to 4th street and from Russell to Barclay. It would make downtown MUCH more appealing and safer. Second, public parking would be fabulous, unfortunately there is just not many places to put it. So many businesses have no parking behind or beside their business, and the 4 small 'lots' tend to fill up quickly. I agree that shop owners should not park in front of their businesses, but they shouldnt park in front of someone elses either. The problem is, where do they park? The only real solution may be to get the City to look into purchasing the old building on the SE corner of 6th and Yampa, tear it down and build a two story covered lot. Business owners could have assigned parking in the top level and the entire bottom level could be for customers. Now all we have to do is to train the healthy folks to walk a block, and find a couple million to build it.....hmmm....