COWORKER 5 years ago on Editorial: Fire district violated public trust

Doug , Fireboard, I have read your posts and understand what you are saying.. As for some of you others, just proves YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID !


COWORKER 5 years ago on Letter: Editorial board got it wrong

Ok I am not a firefighter wife so how about an UNbiased opinion. To me the new tower makes perfect sense!It is clear the Fatguy, ranger patrick and the editiorial board have not done their homework.If they had, maybe they could make some intelligent comments! My only concern was it's location. I read in the D-press that the Fire Board made a presentation to TMH and now have their blessing,so if they are good with it so am I. I also understand that CNCC would like to add a fire science program so they also are in favor of the location. And talk about putting money into eyesores..What really chaps my back side is the city's plan to put money into the Shadow Mountain infrastructure ! Now THAT is a waste of money( I bet at least one of you idiots posting here lives in that mess). PS Fatguy " Honarably dischargedDeasert Storm Vet "is spelled HONORABLY discharged DESERT Storm


COWORKER 6 years, 7 months ago on Judge sentences Craig woman to jail term

Ms Merwin is a master manipulator. She was given a second chance at employment upon the request of then Officer Ken Johnson. Co workers supported her at Drug Court appearances, encouraged her , offered her housing and celebrated her drug court graduation. She was told almost daily how proud They were of her progress . After the Jerome Barry trial one Juror even stopped at work to give a gift and congratulate Tausha oh her success in kicking drug addiction. How was this repaid? A very lurid report of her of her sex and drug life was published . It involved at least 5 coworkers and texts written by Tausha named at least 4 men she was having sex with.Three she professed her love to and at least 2 she planned on having a baby with. All of this was a matter of public record. So many requests for this information were made the court had no choice but to publish it on the moffat county court website for all to read. This caused a great deal of pain for a lot of people. How do you think Ken's wife Kathy felt reading this?? How about the spouses of the other men involved? There were a lot of innocent people affected by Ms Merwins actions. I actually feel sorry for former officer Johnson. He has been manipulated too. He is just to DUMB to figure it out .The Judge in this case made a really poor desicion . I predict that Ms Merwin and Mr Johnson will be back in the papers soon. Someone like Tausha just doesnt change.When so many felonies go unpunished no lessons are learned. I think it's time for Mr Johnson and Ms Merwin to pack up and leave town.