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Brian Kotowski 1 year, 1 month ago on Craig liquor stores pull New Belgium beer for supporting WildEarth Guardians

“There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” ~ Old media axiom

I’ve always regarded boycotts as little more than an excuse for demagogues to mount their soapboxes and throw a tantrum. I remember lefty heads exploding back in the 90s when Rush Limbaugh was signed to an orange juice endorsement deal. The ensuing boycott and attendant publicity resulted in a significant spike in sales.

Any publicity this generates beyond Craig will only help New Belgium.


Brian Kotowski 2 years, 7 months ago on Leroy Fief sentenced to 30 years in prison for Craig murder

I would have preferred the maximum sentence. Still, he'll be 71 by the time he's eligible for parole. Better than nothing, I guess. Kudos to the judge for calling BS on the tools who have expressed understanding & support for the murderer.


Brian Kotowski 2 years, 9 months ago on Lois Stoffle: Practice is justified

Parental involvement is not a “plus.” It is the single most important component of your kids' education. Public primary education has been anemic for decades and remains in steady decline. In no small measure because of parents like Mrs. Mogus, who reacts to a request for 10 minutes (!) out of her day with stunningly childish outrage.

As a youngster, I had a devil of a time learning to read. My parents took it upon themselves to procure a stack of 3x5's, upon which were printed basic words. The cards were arrayed every morning in simple phrases and word combinations on the kitchen table, and I had to get through them before breakfast. One of my parents was there to help me sound it out, but I had to do the work. Their efforts paid off, and it was water downhill from there. They invested a good deal more than 10 minutes a day, and they did it without any outrageously outrageous outrage.

Parents should also consider volunteering in the classroom. Many schools have programs which welcome parents on campus. And more importantly for parents like Mrs. Mogus who are unhappy with what is or isn't happening in school: get off your duff and attend school board meetings. Educate yourself about the whys and hows of the decisions that affect your kids. Take your concerns directly to the source. Frustrations can be channeled much more productively than through a whining rant in the local rag.

I'll wager a year's pay that most – if not all – of those who complain they don't have time to supplement their kids' classroom regimen can still find plenty of time for Duck Dynasty and Breaking Bad and the Kardashians and the Broncos on Sunday.

Those who refuse to lift a finger at home to help their kids in class deserve everything they get from their schools. And less.


Brian Kotowski 2 years, 10 months ago on Becky Plummer: Join me in picketing Jane Fonda's new movie

Upon further reflection, I apologize for the masshole tenor of my remarks, Becky. I appreciate your passion. I just don't see your approach as useful or productive. Just the opposite, in fact. The film opened #1 at the box office and stayed there for 3 weeks. A month later it's at #2. Having spent 15 years in media, I know the producers are grateful for all the sound & fury over Fonda. Sometimes the best way to deal with an insect is to ignore it.


Brian Kotowski 2 years, 10 months ago on Becky Plummer: Join me in picketing Jane Fonda's new movie

I stopped answering knock-knock questions when I was 9. You haven't, and that's your prerogative. You write: “...I did not see a Ford saleing [sic] out our [sic] American Soldiers to the Vietnamese or encourging [sic] them to shoot down B52 bombers...” Um, okay. Ignorance is bliss, in other words. Now that you're aware of Ford's complicity in one of the most horrendous acts of evil in all of human history, your attitude remains “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.” Bully for you. Because the reality is that's what it's about: You.

I have no intention of ever watching The Butler. Not because of Fonda, but because of Oprah Winfrey's idiotic, self-centered publicity stunt preceding the film's release. Plus, I don't go to movies anyway. But if not for Winfrey, I probably would have watched once it became available online. If someone asks why I haven't seen it, I'll tell them. I won't take to the streets and have a hissy fit. Forcing one's irritations down the throats of total strangers is about as childish as it gets.

Boycotts & picketing never work. If anything, they're counter-productive. Old media adage: there's no such thing as bad publicity. I'll wager a year's pay the producers cast Fonda for no other reason than to push some very reliable buttons, and cash in on the publicity resulting from the tantrums they knew they would provoke. Congratulations, Pavlov. Your drool is impressive.